The Legacy of…Yamcha?! – A Dragonball Discussion

Yamcha has been historically labelled as the fallguy of Dragon Ball…but is that about to change? Shueisha and Shonen Jump Plus have unveiled an official side story of the franchise where Yamcha is the hero, not Goku! What madness is this?! Is this a moment of madness or a glorious publicity stunt?! Allow me to delve into this release and show you the score.

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  1. I am so very excited for this I love Yamcha as a character and I always thought the Sokidan was an awesome move so definitely looking forward to seeing how this plays out. If there are any other Yamcha fans in attendance here I really recommend checking out a fan manga following Yamcha’s adventures in the years between Buu and Cell called DBZ Elsewhere.

  2. I think I can radioactively learn the kaioken and spirit bomb.

  3. Thanks for telling me about this manga, this is like a dream coming true. No, it is a dream coming true. As a child I always hated that Toriyama kept introducing new characters and forgot about the old one’s. I always wished for the series to go back to this old characters and make them relevant again, but I never thought it would be possible they’d actually do it, because they consistently keep shitting on them. This manga is like a fan fantasy coming true, I hope they follow through with this idea. To me this is the best thing that happened to dragonball in decades. I’m serious my faith in the world just got partially restored. If this can happen it showes that justice can prevail in the end, even if you have completely given up on it.

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