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Conspiracy theorists love this game, since they think the “trails in the sky” part of the title refers to Chemtrails.

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  1. 8:21-8:26 Oh you must have a problem with the Barry/Iris Relation in the Flash then.

    Also, I don’t wanna start anything bad, but seeing the Ninja with the kind of gun he holds… almost looks like a terrorist.

    • I don’t know how they solve that in the game but it sound like they solve that really poorly. In Flash at least they don’t act as siblings despite being rise together so I don’t look weird when they start romance as it is basically childhood friend scenario. But I’m aware that if they call themselves bro/sis and romance anyway, especially when someone push on that despite knowing they are formal siblings.. yes, it could sound really creepy, though that could be translation issue as Japanese call that way also unrelated people. Anyway translation could and should thinker those issues.. but they most likely didn’t care.

  2. Heart-Lightning

    >Ranking system is bad

    With Final Fantasy, FF2, FF3 and FF5 got taken out due to poor quality. In fact, FF2 and FF3 never came over until 15 years after their initial releases. This ranking system to this series sounds even WORSE given how they are just throwing the numbering system out the window. And it’s not like the Tales series where they at least keep on track with releases in the west in the order in which they came out.

    >Game is a subseries
    So it’s like 10-2, 13-2, and the FF7 Compilations?

    >Game combat seems like it’s uses turn based with action elements
    Seems interesting enough. Not too overly basic to be one of those ‘attack, attack, attack, heal’ combinations that you usually see

    >Gameplay gets repetitive
    YEP, sounds like 10-2 and 13-2. Overabundance of sidequests for the sake of sidequests. Even if it doesn’t make any logical sense WHY said sidequests need to be in there and just a detriment the game

    >One sidequest is about doing a school play that is unskippable.
    That sounds like something I would have heard about in Persona 3, Persona 4 or the upcoming Persona 5. That definitely sounds out of place and unwarranted

    >Camera angle sucks
    This is exactly why RPGs nowadays have the over the shoulder camera. To get rid of that annoyance and not have to constantly keep changing the camera over and over.

    >Game is 1 part of a planned out trilogy
    Uh oh, that sounds like Dot Hack G.U all over again. That’s not good since those games tend to pad out material, and take what should be 1 full game into thirds instead.

    • In case of games from 90’ties you basically should expect weird ranking issues.. and in comparison to Shin Megami Tensei franchise that one is nothing. Only complain could be made about clear incompetence of western publisher who should know that after milenium basically there is no reason to change numbers in the series even if those are released out of order, as that in fact confuses people more then opposite. Also there is weird thing with two different name styles for new and old games.. there are two publishers or something?

  3. Neat get-up.

    I got nervous when I saw the title card

    It seems you know more about JRPGs then me…you know what they are (first thing that I thought you were doing a cross over with Spazzmaster: that would be awesome by the way)

    6:32 40 hours?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Jeeez louise!! That’s dedications

    MST3K reference! Yay!! (I’ve been seeing Conan the Librainan clip a lot lately…weird)

    You have no luck with these and the squiffy department

    Not the biggest fan of these episodes but I begrude you not: can’t wait for the next episode

    • Not the Ultimate universe….please have mercy!!!…I’m still feeling ill from the past few times: sob!!!

      stinger: I AM A LITTLE ANIME, PLAYDOUGH MAN!!!!! *sock*

  4. I love it when you do Patreon reviews. It was just one person funding this? Count me out. I thought there’d be more plot in this. I guess I was just expecting it from the running time. Nice graphics.

  5. Well as huge JRPG fan this sure got me interested from this series that I didn’t knew about before this so I am happy that you didn’t do one of better known once like Tales of Vesperia instead.

  6. Everything that Linkara stated before the opening credits show why I don’t play, or have any interests in playing, JRPG games like Final Fantasy; I don’t want to be confused out of my freakin’ skull.

    5:56- And that instantly reminds me of the plot to Captain America: Civil War, which I’m excited to see this Thursday night.

    8:20- And THAT is why Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are on this episode’s title card; thankfully in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we didn’t see them act like the way they did in Ultimates 3.

    25:18- I’ll stick with the Jaegers from Pacific Rim, Thank you very much.

    Looking forward to the conclusion of Ultimate Power (of WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING!?).

  7. Quick! Someone pay for Linkara to review Legend of Dragoon!

    Anyways, on topic, I think this was a pretty good review. I know that game reviews like this are probably super hard to do because I imagine Linkara’s work schedule must be hell already with his weekly comic reviews and scheduling, but they’re an interesting change of pace and it’s always cool to see how he approaches stuff outside of the typical comic book format.

  8. Ah, I love this game so damn much. Estelle is one of the best protagonists in gaming, especially if you count her growth in the second chapter. The description of her being like a sun, shining onto others around her, being a endless source of high morale, is very apt. I actually don’t think I’ve seen a more natural progression of a character in gaming.

    There isn’t just any one big event that changes her, experience overall changes her.

    The writing and lore is something you can become truly lost in, every damn NPC changes their dialogue between EVERY MAIN MISSION! The world has alot more political undertones than most JRPGs, but dosen’t have to get GoT-gritty to prove it.
    There’s so much flavortext wich brings the world to life, and that’s also my favorite thing about the main story. Because before towards the end, Estelle and Joshua are more or less just traveling Liberl, getting to know the different areas and the people in them. That they are thrust into all these events are pretty incidental, but becomes more personal as the game progresses. It’s such a pleasant game to play if you allow yourself to enjoy the slower pace and lighthearted and goofy nature of certain quests.

    I know that isn’t for everyone, but the school quest? One of the highlights in the game for me, because it allows for alot of interaction between characters in a more lighthearted event.

    As for the romance… I don’t have a problem with it. Should I? Maybe. And as for them being underage, in Japan that may not be the case. There’s alot of different laws in different regions, but 16 being an age of consent is not uncommon. And as for the argument of the princess, she’s being forced into marriage at 16. Marriage is a different thing compared to just a romantic relationship.

    It will not change your mind, and it’s perfectly to find it creepy, hell I’m probably the weird one. I guess I just became so attatched to these characters that clearly love eachother so much that I don’t really care as long as they are happy and honest with themselves and eachother. The ending to this game left me feeling a bit empty inside to say the least.

    I seem to have a very different opinion when it comes to your last point. You see, I think that this game has alot of unremarkable elements, but they’re executed so well that it becomes something truly special. That’s why it’s so damn impressive to me. There’s so much warmth and personality in the dialogues. The lore and history of the world is rich and well explained, characters motives are sound. The battle system allows for alot of customization wich is always fun and the whole bracer-shtick allows the game to have one of the most natural-feeling way of handling sidequests in any game I’ve played.

    It is pretty interesting how different these experiences can be. 🙂

  9. MountCDOSgamer

    I don’t think the relationship between Estelle and Joshua is as bad as you say it is. Aside from the fact that it’s debatable whether it’s really incest if they’re not blood-relatives, whenever people who know them well bring the idea up, Estelle acknowledges the fact that they’re more or less siblings, so unlike the relationship between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the Ultimate Universe, the story acknowledges it more as forbidden love rather than something they shouldn’t be ashamed of.

    • MountCDOSgamer

      And on top of that, Estelle and Joshua haven’t known each other their whole lives, so their connection as brother and sister wouldn’t be that strong for their age.

    • I loved this game – Though I think by love for it increased because of how wonderfully good second chapter is. As to the ‘incest’ thing? Imagine if you were an 11 year old boy who had a random 12 year old girl come to live with you? Is their relationship complexity so strange now? None of the other characters ever treat them like siblings – they had no expectations that their relationship would be truly familial. Even so, still creepy to an adult, but by the end of the 2nd game any creepiness there has gone and you realise that it is entirely human appropriate behaviour.

  10. O.O What is with the RPG’s you review and creepy things? LOL. Although, did the older guy officially adopt them as brother and sister? If he didn’t, it’s still questionable but not quite as bad.

    • * RPGs you review

    • Why it is questionable? It is blood relation what matter in those cases. Otherwise it is just like childhood friend as even if they are his formal heirs they aren’t real siblings. For example in Flesh TV show there is nothing wrong in relationship between Berry and Irys even if her father adopt Berry.. because Barry isn’t her blood relative! Only issue is when they overly act as sibling despite not being those.. that in fact is quite creepy. But it may be here case of translation incompetence as in Japan they simply have tendency to call that way unrelated people.. for example gang members call themselves “ani” (brother) or kid call a familiar neighbor “obasan” (aunt). If translator don’t know that it isn’t literal it may sound pretty weird.

      • They were almost teens when they met. Would have been different if they grew up from a young age. But they didn’t the brother/sister thing is almost a contrivance by estelle alone – so that she does not have the psychological drama of living with a boy who is her closest friend (when she is a teenager)

        • Joshua does also confess at the end that he’s had strong feelings toward her ever since the beginning, but probably thought that she couldn’t possibly feel the same way about him, as he has a very low opinion of himself. So the brother role would in that case seem more appropriate to him.

        • “the brother/sister thing is almost a contrivance by estelle alone – so that she does not have the psychological drama of living with a boy who is her closest friend”

          Wait what? That literally doesn’t have a sense.. people live with not blood related roommates and there is nothing weird in that. If so that pseudo sibling thing could lead to such drama not the opposite.

  11. The leader of the Jägers is called the Jägermeister.

  12. Estelle and Joshua may not be adults per se, but given their level of independence and consent I’d have no issue with their romance even if they were blood related. Incest is something I don’t care to participate in IRL, but I’ve got no hangups with two people who want to be in a romantic relationship. (Abuse, of course, doesn’t count, but then abuse kinda counters the whole “consent” part.)

  13. Not a bad attempt for a game review but I found the jokes to be few and far between. Too much focus on just getting out the story. I realize it’s a 50 hour story driven rpg but historically you’ve been more of a critic than a reviewer. I’d have rather heard a more condensed version of the plot with more of your own personal flare added to the mix.

  14. Given that some shadowy conspiracy is sending out mysterious men in black, placing brainwashed sleeper agents in positions of power, framing people as terrorists, declaring martial law, staging military coups, abducting public figures, trying to engineer wars, and trying to control mysterious super-advanced ancient technology, chemtrails wouldn’t really be all that out of place.

    All it needs is a false flag operation, some flying saucers, and a bunch of thinly veiled antisemitism.

  15. I’m disappointed by the lack of pedo dogs

  16. Adopted brother ? You mean that they aren’t related by blood in ANY way, shape or form, and so are ”siblings” only on a governmental/moral basis ? And the game is of Japanese origin.

    … … …I fail to see the ‘BIG DEAL’ he’s trying to raise there, I must say ?

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