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The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning was a new beginning for the legend of Spyro. More epic. Less quality. Should the series have stayed in the ground? Yomarz reviews the PS2/GC/Xbox Spyro reboot.

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  1. I still hope for continuation, remake or adaptation of Legend of Spyro beside shitty Skylanders. With all respect toward previous games they were classic flat unimaginable platform games, but Legend reinvent it putting really interesting spin over this story making it quite epic and game contain two huge for its times twist for a game of that kind. Only recent franchise what I can compere with it is My Little Pony to some degree.

    • Sorry but I need point that out.. in last game it is in fact explained why purple dragon is a chosen champion, and probably because no one would play it anyway I explain it. But yeh SPOILER: Dark Lord IS purple dragon! And because only those can master all form of magic (and by all I mean also power of darkness) only Vader.. I mean Spyro can stop Dark Lord. So generally it wasn’t even a prophecy, it was totally rational fact. And by the way Spyro wasn’t even the second Purple Dragon because Cinder also is one, just Dark Lord poison her with darkness making her mastering magic in opposite order then Spyro.

      Sorry, but despite all flaws of that game its story in fact is really good, just poorly written. I think it should get animation with proper budget. And lets be honest despite nostalgia googles this franchise would die earlier if not the Legend. Just that poor quality still kill this franchise.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good video nice to have the Yomarz Show back but what games are coming up and what game are you gonna review next episode?!

    Besides that question, I’d say your the 2nd biggest Spyro fan because I’d say Caddicaris goes first but whatever that means to you.

    • I’ve got a few games in mind for upcoming videos (that I don’t want to spoil) and I will definitely be finishing the Jurassic Park game series. Also I’ll probably be doing some videos that cover multiple games on standard Yomarz similar to my Immobile videos, but probably longer.

      Also I love me some Spyro, but even 2nd place might be a bit generous. I’ve got some issues with Year of the Dragon.

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