The Legend of Zelda: BoTW – Angry Review

*Sorry for all the delays! Thanks for all your support guys! This is the 7th version we’ve tried so far – Someone needs to teach Nintendo Japan about Fair Use! I’m sure this will get claimed eventually which we will fight as much as we can*

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  1. No mention of how bad the amiibo functionality is for a consumer?

    Seriously, the amount of stuff locked behind the amiibo (and multiple amiibo, some of which you aren’t going to find at it’s retail price due to stock issue) is very concerning and quite anti-consumer. There’s even whole game mechanics locked behind it, Wolf Link is essentially a D-Dog or Dogmeat you have to pay a lot of money for.

    • You can tame wolves in the game without amiibo. The amiibo just gives you a wolf that looks like Wolf Link. You can also get the green outfit, although the way to do so is very difficult.

      • Yeah those wolves don’t act anything like the Wolf Link Amiibo. You either have the dogs in the ranches that you can become friends with that’ll show you a location of a secret chest then return home, or those wolves in the wild that just attack you. There is no other way to get an actual Wolf Companion unless you plonk down a solid $16 for the amiibo (And if you want to level it up to 20 hearts instead of 3, you need Twilight Princess and a Wii U, and not everyone bought a Wii U).

        • Hmm, you know in comparison to other DLC practices, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here.

          Is your contention the physical item requirement to unlock the DLC, or that you believe the wolf companion is necessary to finish the game? So far, no reviewer seems to be of the opinion that the wolf companion is an essential part of th game that was removed, but rather the wolf companion DLC was developed specifically as a bonus to those who purchase an Amiibo.

          • Considering most DLC Practices are bad anyway, it’s not something we should praise.

            For me personally, I adore dog/wolf companions in games (The username might have clued you in on that), would always bring out D-Dog when making a load out in Metal Gear Solid V. Going around with Dogmeat in fallout is great. I even loved Mack, that dog robot you got in ReCore. Travelling the big open world with a companion has always been my ideal way to play the game, if I can train it to help fight with me, even better. So in Zelda, I was wanting to do the same… only to find the way to do is to buy an entirely seperate figure day one?

            That’s not the only thing, I’m sure many will be annoyed that Epona is locked behind the Amiibo as well, after using Epona in Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess. Could have tied that to a cool in-game quest, but no. You let these things keep happening, one day the Master Sword is going to be held behind an Amiibo.

            And I think it being physical only is worthy of mention as well because come 5 years from now, do you think you are going to find one of those Amiibo for a reasonable price when they are out of print?

          • Okay first off: I didn’t “praise” DLC, I just pointed out that you’re singling out Zelda BotW for doing what most of the industry does.

            Second, it seems your contention is that you really like dogs/wolves and wanted it in the game. Well…buy the Amiibo.

            If you want to say there is something missing from a game that’s huge and loaded with content, then I think you’ll have to do better than stressing out over this one point.
            “You let these things keep happening, one day the Master Sword is going to be held behind an Amiibo.”

            That’s nothing but a slippery slope fallacy. Sorry, not buying it.
            Also, as far as something being available five years from now, how about games that are primarily online. Will you be upset that you can’t use your DLC from a multiplayer shooter when it loses popularity in five years? Again…buy the damn Amiibo if this one thing is so important that it ruins your experience with an otherwise very big game that ships with more content than most.

          • I don’t think we can ignore it just because the rest of the industry does it. We call out Overwatch and it’s exploitive Loot-Crate system, we call out Zelda and it’s exploitive Amiibo system as well. Certainly not something to ignore. I’d be annoyed if I had to pay $300 for a new console, and $60 for a new game, maybe a pro controller as well, that I would still be asked for even more money on top of that for either The Tunic from Ocarina of Time, or ride around on the horse Epona, or in my case have a Wolf Companion. It’s not like they were made post-launch or anything like that. There is no other way to get them (not even playing the game for a really long time like with Overwatch like I mentioned earlier) so I believe it should be discussed about and not casually pushed aside. This is a problem all games have, we shouldn’t glance aside at it for this particular one.

            (And whilst I will say it has a lot of content… I wish it didn’t repeat so much of it. The enemy pool is a lot smaller when you realise most of it is recolours of already existing enemies you fought, plus whilst there is 900 Korok Seed Puzzles, there only feels like 16 actual types of puzzles with the koroks themselves. And would it really hurt to change the designs of some of the shrines? They all look the same, the overworld shrine quests are much better than the challenges in actual shrines since you at least have a different bit of scenery when doing them.)

    • Joe either doesn’t have any amiibos or wasn’t aware of the amiibo functionality, so he didn’t talk about it

      • I think it’s worthy of discussion though, some of the stuff there could have been really cool rewards for side quests or shrines, and I do feel the game makes rewards for doing quests a little on the weak end (Yay, I get a quarter of the way to a heart container or stamina wedge? This shrine holds a weapon that’s going to break in 10 minutes?) and this could have been improved if you got all these cool retro armours or get to have Epona as your Horse companion… but not, have to pay a lot of extra money just for them since they are Amiibo only. Day 1 as well. And some of those Amiibo aren’t even out yet.

  2. Well Joe, welcome to the Zelda bandwagon! I am glad you went through this review, seeing both you Joes in drag just was too sacrilegious and hilarious for words.

    I’m not sure the story and intriguing character depth you’re looking for is actually there to be found, though. What you saw from Link in this game is largely what you get from any of the others, the idea is that Link is being reincarnated over and over again, like Zelda herself. It’s mainly about the journey with these games, though I’ll let you in on a few interesting tidbits:

    Ocarina of Time: the essential Legend of Zelda experience. It too is an open world, though obviously not nearly as large or developed as this one, and as you can imagine, there are various obstacles that prevent you from exploring it fully from the get-go. However, the beginning does provide you with an excellent tutorial for navigating the world, getting familiar with controls and combat mechanics. And surprisingly even this game has a breakable weapon, in the form of the Giant’s Knife. If you go through the right motions and do a few side quests though, you can upgrade to the Biggoron Sword – same brutal weapon, and no amount of punishment can break it.

    Link’s Awakening: The whole damn thing is a dream bruh, lol. It’s a very fascinating journey, though.

    Majora’s Mask: There’s something tragic going on beneath the surface of this game. I’ll let you see for yourself, if popular media hasn’t already spoiled it for you.

    A Link Between Worlds: Very cool duality system, and even though you hardly see Hilda at all, she’s really a princess I wanted to run to the rescue for. Also some of the best music I’ve heard in any of the Zelda games. Definitely worth the price of admission.

  3. Oh, come on, Joe! You’re not a TRUE gamer unless you’ve played Link to the Past.


    “More realistic horses.” You mean the horses are actually useful for riding, and can’t just go straight up the side of a mountain defying gravity, and can gallop faster than a human can walk? (Seriously, Bethesda, PLAY RED DEAD REDEMPTION BEFORE DESIGNING HORSE MECHANICS FOR YOUR GAMES!0

    10:42 – It’s as if LordKat were still alive and with us today.

    11:02 – Looks like a Job for Da Colonel! Go Colonel! Go Colonel!

    13:03 – “HeeHeeHeeHeeHee Wiipeoouut!”

    First, you say you’ve never played Link to the Past, then you admit you can’t cook? Son, I Am Disappoint!

    • Rule 34 is pr0n2. Rule 63 is the one about crossgender.

      Weapon-breakage? Dude, Oblivion was just as bad. Get into a skirmish with a bandit? Spend the next hour hammering at your armor and weapons to get them serviceable again. “Break less often.” Again, something I wish Oblivion did.

  4. Yeah, is Link usually mute? LOL! Also, if I do get this game, it would be my first Zelda game as well. Another thing: If I cooked in this game, I would probably do better than in real life. I do well 50% of the time and burn things the other 50% of the time. 😆

  5. Well Joe….I’d get behind the snowflake tears over how big, mean, fascist Nintendo mistreats you if you weren’t just jumping on the bandwagon now that the game and console seem to be a success.

    I’m sure if excitement and sales for the Switch end up falling off you’ll go right back to ignoring Nintendo like you have for years, really since I started watching your excellent reviews for games on PC.

    • You do realize that Joe has wanted to do reviews for Nintendo but they are notoriously picky when it comes to online reviews? He literally made a video explaining why he’s doing this review –

      • However: Why are there tons and tons of reviews and videos about Breath of the Wild and other Nintendo games that don’t get taken down?

        Even negative reviews and people that don’t kiss Nintendo’s butt don’t get taken down, YouTube thrives on clickbait anti-Nintendo vids, so don’t try to use that excuse.

        Also, he can claim whatever reason for whatever review, but that doesn’t mean he’s being 100% honest.

        I guess he just thinks he’s special and gets different rules.

        • What about the fact, stated in his own video, that it took him several editions before he could post one that Nintendo DIDN’T flag? Either you’re not paying attention, or you’re completely ignoring what’s going on just so you can grind your axe with Joe.

          Just to clarify: it isn’t about whether Joe thinks he’s special for getting flagged (and no, he doesn’t), but about the fact he kept getting flagged. So why don’t you deal with that bit of information instead of trying to read personal feelings into it?

  6. One point in the review: Link is always the silent protagonist, he’s defined by his adventure. The game Breath of the Wild is most like is Windwaker.

    Funny, people have said A link to the Past and Ocarina of Time were 10/10 games.

    • “Ocarina of Time… 10/10”.

      I have one thing to say about that: “Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Listen!”

      • Yeah, a voice cue from a pixie companion for what was probably the first free roaming 3D game most had played at the time, that required more complex inputs and interactions than most games did up to that point makes it terrible…

        Oh the great sins of Nintendo, may they never be put into context or forgiven!

        Hah, and Link to the Past was only 16 bit! 2/10

        • Except that I don’t remember any other games from that time period that had an annoying voice following you around. Compare 16-bit games to other 16-bit games, and early 3D games to other 3D games, please.

          • Personally I feel Navi’s “Hey! Listen!” is more memetic at this point, and not actually nearly as prevalent in the game as people have made it out to be.

  7. Putting my nostalgia aside I really think this is the best Zelda game, if not one of the best games I’ve ever played. It really feels like a true culmination of all the best ideas from the previous games in the series.

  8. Zelda follows Link on FB?

    Oh, that is going to make his encounters with other princesses and side women so awkward! :O

  9. The master sword breaks? Why?

    • Actually, the Master Sword doesn’t break… it just “loses power.” Once you have the Master Sword in your inventory, it’s there permanently. (And it takes quite a few usages to de-power it). I do agree that at least the more powerful weapons should have a bit more oomph to them and not be so fragile.

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