The Legend of Zelda (NES) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan, Josh, and Frank talk about The Legend of Zelda for the original NES. Does it still hold up today? and how powerful was it’s influence on the world of gaming today?

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  1. I didn’t play this one back in the day, I was more of a Mario kid back then. I actually only really got into Zelda when Ocarina of Time came out. Maybe a year or two ago, I decided to play through the original in order to gain some insight into the history of the series. It was a lot of fun, but man, I can’t imagine ever beating it as a little kid without the use of a guide. Hell, even as an adult I had to resort to a walkthrough.

  2. Captain Chaotica

    (raises hand) I remember this one! Although, weirdly enough…I actually didn’t play it first. First, my brother’s friend brought over Zelda 2, and I was watching this cool fantasy dungeon exploration thing…and when it got to the part where _the bridge collapses under you and can dump you into the lava_, AAAAA! I was sold. Remember this is the real, real early days of console gaming and I didn’t have many games anyway at the time, so stuff like that was still new to me.

    So. Got Zelda 2. Don’t know why everybody hates it; my whole family was hooked on the thing for a long time! Especially my father, of all people. I would come home from school and have to kick _him_ off the Nintendo so I could have a turn! Played it to death. Made my own maps. Looked up hints in stuff like Nintendo Power. I even have a Zelda 2 T-shirt somewhere around here.
    And THEN, the same friend brought over the first Zelda, and I was fascinated, seeing the similarities and differences. “Oh, so you use a raft in this one too, but it works like _this_ and you get it by doing _that_!” etc.

    So, saved up my money, and sometime in 1990–so, still “in the day” but not when it was brand spankin’ new–I got my copy of Legend of Zelda. I immediately fell in love with the main theme and taught myself to play it on my little Casio keyboard (along with the castle theme from Dragon Warrior and the Final Fantasy prologue) and got obsessed with poking into every corner. My favourite thing to do in the original Zelda? BLOW UP EVERY WALL AND BURN EVERY BUSH, BABY! Yeah, the second I found out you could sometimes find secret doors that way _no_ area was safe. 😛
    Side note: I also bought the game on the same trip in which I got a new pair of glasses…so my very first time playing it was all blurry and weird! And yet I still played it anyway. Brand-new video games of your very own were a special occasion.

    And yes, I did finish the game. Didn’t finish the second quest, I don’t think? but got a good ways into it. The same friend who brought over both games also had a copy of the Nintendo Power with that great Zelda overworld map in it, which he didn’t want anymore. It was very useful. 🙂

    And that’s my way, way, way too long story about Zelda. I don’t go back so far that I’ve seen the original rap commercial…but I did dress up as Link with a homemade costume before “cosplay” was even a word, so there’s that. Hee.

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