The Lie of the Land – You Know Who

As the Doctor strikes back against the evil Monks, the Reviewer’s enemy makes the first move.

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  1. I liked the first half because I thought The Doctor really did want his own army. Just not an army of Cybermen. But an Army of Monks is more his style. They needed to make a link out of love, not fear or strategy. This mirrors The doctors own view of humanity. He wants people to do the right thing because they want to, not because they fear the consequences of not doing so.

    There’s another similarity to that series conclusion in that shooting The Doctor as a test of Bill is a call back to Clara throwing the TARDIS keys into a volcano.

    To me the Monks operated more like the Silent (Confessional Priests). They show up, manipulate your actions, and once they leave you forget they were ever there.

  2. Hey LAG, please balance out your audio volumes. Your theme music is like 30 dB higher than your vocals, and it nearly destroyed my eardrums.

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