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This 2000 film starring Jonathan Lipnicki leaves a lot to be desired in the vampire department.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    We totally need a crossover between your fledgling vampire spawn and Swee’Pea Lovecraft. The fetid cyclopean cuteness would be enough to induce a hefty dose of madness.

  2. I remember watching the Little Vampire series from the 90s and I’m SO glad you played part of the theme during the credits. I recall looking forward to this movie hoping it would be like the series, needless to say I was VERY disappointed.

    • I also grew up with both series and the books/audio plays and the film had nothing of the peculiar charm behind all those incarnations. Quite a shame they got it so wrong.

      And it’s funny Rüdigers parents play such a big role in the movie. In most of the books, only their (empty) coffins are mentioned at all.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Ohhhh myyyy Goooddddd, such a cute little vampire baby ^^. I just want to hug the little fledgling forever!

  4. If it’s nothing like them then it’s not really based on them, is it? Where’s The Dom to explain this?

  5. Do you speak German? If you do, will you review Die Vampirschestern? 😉

  6. The vampire hunter looks like Michael Richards. Yeah, I heard of this movie. I think I recognize that kid. Well, child actors don’t last for long. I heard this movie was dumb. Wow, the CGI is terrible.

  7. Philippe GEORGES

    The kid is cute but he will probably hate you in a few years when kids make fun of him at school after seeing this video ^_^

  8. OMG your son is so adorable!

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