The Meteor Man – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is joined by Aiyanna & Heather to watch Robert Townsend’s 1993 superhero comedy film, The Meteor Man.

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  1. I’ve never heard of The Meteor Man. This sounds hilarious. I might see this if I’m bored tomorrow. Haha. I wonder if you guys would feel the same about the apparent Meteor Man comics from Marvel. Is this real life? Haha.

  2. There’s a nice energy with the three of you together. You should do more crossovers in the future. You just have to find movies none of you have seen.

    If you can’t find popular movies, I’m sure Walt, Brad Jones, Brandon Tenold, Doug Walker, and Film Brain could give you a list of terrible, terrible films to torture you for weeks on end. Heheheh!

    Anyway…never saw Meteor Man, but I remember seeing ads for it in comic books.

  3. Neither Tamara, Heather nor Aiyanna mentioned that the main character in The Meteor Man was played by Robert Townsend (Hollywood Shuffle, Townsend Television, The Parent Hood). I guess they’re all too young to know who he is. Thanks for once again reminding me that I’m a relic.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Also, his dad in the movie was Robert Guillaume (sp?), aka Benson from ABC’s Soap and its’ spinoff named after the character, and his mom was played by Marla Gibbs of The Jeffersons and 227 fame.

      Townsend was sort of the Tyler Perry of his day; he would employ a number of African American talent, comedians, actors and musicians, both established and up-and-coming, in his films and TV shows.

      After Hollywood Shufle and a number of HBO specials, it looked like Robert Townsend was headed for mainstream fame, but then he just fell off the radar after The Parent Hood.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Just to show you how ancient I am, when I first started seeing ads for The Meteor Man, I thought somebody made a movie about the character from Hanna-Barbera’s Galaxy Trio.

  4. I wasn’t sure what movie Tamara was talking to until it slowly dawned on me until you showed the movie poster and I am like “Oh THAT movie” cause I saw a long time ago and didn’t remember it until now.

    Yeah, that movie was weird.

  5. Finally there’s a movie in this series that I haven’t seen! Not only that, but one that I’ve never even heard of! So, of course, I had to track down a copy and check it out for myself before I watched. Thanks for bringing to light this very interesting piece of cinematic history!

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  7. This is the second ‘Tamara’s Never Seen’ movie in a row that I think I haven’t seen. What’s odd is, up until Saving Private Ryan, I’d definitely seen them all.

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