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Minister of Unofficial Spin-Offs!

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  1. Yikes the swearing in this. They put that in a Doctor Who based project?

  2. Not gonna lie, this was not an episode I enjoyed. Trying to get my mind around the fact that this is a Doctor Who-free remake that uses two of the Doctors (including the one from the actual story) can the original, I didn’t really follow anything. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the Patreon episodes because they’re usually something not bad (generally held at least) so there’s not much to mock or criticize, and are about some of the most bizarre things would never capture my attention.

    Linkara, could you just make a separate show for sponsored content while doing a regular AT4W episode? And if you need time for the extra work, take a few weeks off and get ahead of the curve. Even TV shows get started early so they can maintain a weekly schedule.

    • I have to admit, it was a bit hard to follow, and I think it’s the low use of clips. This was closer to a recap, when it should have been a lot more of the audio drama being played, just like a normal review but without the comic or video. I like the Patreon episodes, but I wouldn’t complain if they were separated. I’m just not sure it’s physically possible for him to be able to just add an extra full episode, sometimes with works that are far longer than comic books, when he already is basically a workaholic madman.

  3. I love Big Finish long time, but I just could not get into this one. I spent a lot of time wondering why I should even care about any of these three different worlds.

    • Oh, hey, I’m a moron. This wasn’t BF. Shows how much I truly paid attention to this thing, despite the amazing cast.

      (On a side note, all the audios that could have been reviewed, and people chose this? Huh, odd.)

      • If I couldn’t get a working copy of it (since it was only available on Amazon Audible), the alternative was the Doctor Who one “The Twilight Kingdom.”

        • Now I’m kinda hoping someone requests the animated alternate Ninth Doctor whose companion was The Master and jfc if the people behind it WEREN’T trying to ship them, I’d be amazed.

        • Oh lord, that would have been a strange one to do. An Eighth Doctor audio slap bang in the middle of the Divergent Universe arc.

          One of these days, I’ll scrape together some cash and request Scherzo or something. (Hey, at least it would be at the beginning of the arc, and is such a trip to listen to.)

      • I’m amazed that if someone was going to try and get him to listen to a podcast type thing, it wasn’t Nightvale.

  4. Happy 30th Birthday to me. What better way to celebrate than an AT4W review on …a Doctor Who audio drama? Weird.

    7:17- Ha. I was also thinking of The Prancing Pony from The Middle-earth Saga.

    11:12- So, it’s like the doors to children’s bedrooms in Monsters, Inc.

    13:51- HEY! I live in Iowa, and one of my grandfathers lived on a farm! If you’re gonna make fun of farmers (except Jason Statham’s character from In the Name of the King), you have to go through me.

    14:40- And for some reason, he said, “Sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who you gonna call?”

    16:34- I wouldn’t mind gardening with Taylor Swift.

    22:44- Boner. …Boner, boner. …Boner, boning of boner. …Boner, boner. …Erect penis. =)

    Looking forward for more US-1 next week.

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    So let me guess: it’s the place where spicy Chinese food comes from.

    14:25 – Does this sage have her own internet Anime review show?

  6. I found out about this audio drama because Sylvester McCoy, my favourite classic Doctor, was in it. I enjoy Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio dramas! I’ve only heard a little bit of Minister Of Chance. The reason I’ve never listened to it that much is I don’t listen to audio dramas that often, and the serial nature of Minister Of Chance doesn’t make it ideal for listening to on-and-off.

  7. I like when your head bobs match up in the two videos in the end slate.

  8. I’m 36 … last time I played Pokemon was 1999 ( Pokemon Gold )

  9. Speaking on your demographics comment towards the beginning of the episode, yeah, I think I’m probably one of your only viewers who is under 20.

  10. As the kids today say, sick threads. The 7th doctor is becoming my favorite doctor and Ace is my favorite companion (that bat thing was awesome)

    Whay is everyone swearing in this?

    Yeah, people need to use Godzilla more often.

    9:26 you know, some people might be puzzling on that reference for years on end….I will be one of them.
    13:47 and knowing is half the battle

    So many British actors!! It’s mad!! Might need to give BBC audiodramas a try

    Next week; yay!!

    • I’d suggest audios from the company Big Finish. They have the BBC’s license to do Doctor Who stuff, including their own spinoffs, plus Torchwood and some SJA. (Plus they have other stuff like Survivors, Avengers, Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Grey.)

      Also, the executive producer (aka, Big Finish’s equivalent of RTD or Moffat) is Nick Briggs, voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon and other monsters since the beginning of New Who.

  11. An audio drama? That’s the first time I’ve seen someone review one of those! How do you even get those? You made a “Minecraft” joke! First one on this whole website that I noticed! Yeah, a “Pokemon Go!” reference too.

  12. What I find hilarious in all of this is that the fanmade spinoff of a non-canon work accidentally makes the most outrageous line in the fandom make a bit of sense. If The Doctor was half-human, according to this, he’d have all of the power of a Time Lord with none of the “wisdom”. That fits perfectly. Personally, I still prefer the simpler “his entire friend group was juvenile delinquents and also he’s a reincarnation of a figure of Time Lord myth” stuff.

  13. What is this Pokemans you whipper snappers speak of?

    Mukluk Boner.

  14. Linkara I’m older than you and I don’t even know audio drama is. Til this day.

  15. Actually, I hear there are four Time Lords called the Horseman.

    Well, technically five, but one of them left before they got famous.

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