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Can Disney make the Muppets awesome again!

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  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Muppets growing up., my personal favorite character of all time is Gonzo.,,.

  2. Huh. Speak for yourself, The Muppets. I’ve been watching Muppet Treasure Island since I was 5.

  3. Doug, if you wouldn’t mind reviewing Muppet Treasure Island… That would be great.

  4. You think the credits ruined the ending? Have You SEEN the very first freakin’ scene of the sequel? Not that I hate Muppets Most Wanted, it’s a good movie… But that first scene really caught me off guard and, while it works fine, I still have mixed feelings about… why? Who thought of that and why? Starting the sequel of with openly and completely disregarding the first film, who does that?

    • Muppet movies tend to do that though. The original Movie even sets itself up as a “film within a film” so that it didn’t have to be truly accurate to anything (and broke the fourth wall as a PLOT POINT by having characters read the script to know where to go) … Great Muppet Caper starts off by breaking the fourth wall and saying “We’re playing detectives in this film, and we’re twins!” and then Manhattan retconned things again so that they were grew up as babies together.

      It’s something Muppet films do.

  5. Actually the Muppet Movie song by Bret McKenzie, “Man or a Muppet” was not only nominated it did Win the 2012 Oscar for best original song.

  6. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    The Muppets never stopped being awesome, despite what this movie would like you to think.

    • They never stopped being cool, but they did have a lengthy absence culturally without any new films or tv shows for almost twenty years, and no really beloved films that weren’t remakes of other material in almost thirty years.

      They were still appreciated and liked, but they weren’t as relevant or popular as they once were.

  7. THANK YOU for calling out that horrible cop out. It was so unnecessary!

  8. Why did it have to be a happy ending?

    Because it’s a Muppet Movie, not the Godfather!

  9. Aw, I only grew up with the Muppets Wizard of Oz. I still sing “Kansas”. ^.^ However, I liked this too. 🙂

  10. They HAD a happy ending. it would have been bittersweet, but still happy. They leave the theatre, but then walk out to see their thousands of fans. Still upbeat, still positive, and then they reverse it in the end credits.

    The reason why has been stated in interviews and stuff, the villain’s arc was cut. His song number was originally longer (and still intact on the soundtrack) and would have revealed that he’s someone that just can’t laugh and it was why he hated the Muppets… and then at the end of the film he was to learn to laugh. (Also, Statler and Waldorph were to have a moment where they went “That wasn’t so bad.” and provided the last dollar.)

    They changed and edited things at the very tale end of the process, making the villain song out of place and unnecessary, and shifted the ending to try and be the more emotional and interesting one… but still had problems with test audiences and had to wedge in a last second voice over edit to switch it back to the super happy ending.

  11. God, this movie was fantastic. My sister and I are huge Jim Henson fans so we were really excited to see this movie when it came out! I’m glad it didn’t disappoint like a lot of reboots of popular franchises do nowadays.

  12. It was a pretty great movie, and I loved most everything that the Muppets did, even that stuff you claim made them unpopular. Muppets Treasure Island remains one of my favorites, I’ve nearly memorized most of the lines from that movie, I watched it that much. X3

  13. As a die hard Muppet fan, I’m glad they are back stronger than ever. However, I hope you talk about the new tv show at some point. I don’t know how I feel about it.

  14. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    I always took Kermit’s speech about family and “getting through this” despite no longer having the Muppet name to be a secret message of encouragement from the film’s writers to the Henson family, who had to sell the product to Disney. But of course they had to make it subtle (ish), can’t just spit in the company’s face like that.

  15. Nominated?! Hell, it WON the Academy Award!

  16. Please do the x men franchise

  17. Doug, You know Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island were produced with Disney as well, right?
    Now you’ve done the former, the latter however… I guess you know where I’m going with this 😉
    In other words, Please do a Disneycember for MTI as well. 🙂

  18. Forgive me for commenting without having seen the movie myself, but Doug’s description of the movie plot sounds amazingly similar to Disney’s “The Country Bears” movie, just with Muppets instead of bears. Even down to the adopted character, again as a Muppet instead of a bear. If I remember right, “The Country Bears” bombed so badly that they even tore down the Disneyland attraction.

    Are these two movies really so similar? If so, why is it that this one worked while the other didn’t?

  19. I admit that the ending did seem like a cop out. It’s still so awesome I don’t care. It’s weird to do something you already did a bum review of. Then again, we’ll do more with that later. Could you do a Nostalgia Critic review of the Muppet’s Wizard Of Oz? I heard it truly sucked.

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