The Naked Candy Bandit – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Over the t-bone and through the wreck, to grandmother’s house we go! Also a lesson in why “spicy” and “genitals” don’t mix, and breaking, entering and painting a dog purple…

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  1. My mother told me one time when I was a 3-year old, my brother who was 5 at the time covered me head to toe in talcum powder. According to her, she was getting me ready for my bath but had to do something in the other room, she told my brother to watch over me, when she came back, she thought she saw a ghost because of the powder and I was slowly shuffling towards her.

    I do not remember a second of that happening, but my mom swore up and down that it did. Hey, maybe I repressed the memory somehow. I’m just surprised I wasn’t coughing or suffocating from all the powder I could’ve inhaled!

  2. Nash, i want a 10 minute video of nothing but Grady meowing please.

  3. The candy robber was clearly deeply affected by the death of Harambe

  4. @21:24 I’m guessing this was some kind of slight of hand/misdirect thing, make sure everyone’s to focused on the crazy to give any useful info.

  5. Oh yeah…my Mum never went to sleep while I was awake but she definitely made the mistake of not being in the same room or next door. When I was 3, I came up with the “amazing” idea of climbing up the bookshelf we had. I had no conception of balance, so when I reached the top, I leaned back and…the bookshelf fell over. My Mum was downstairs and rushed up when she heard the banging. I non-chalantly crawled out from beneath the toppled bookshelf and fallen books.

    At a similar age I convinced my younger brother (a toddler!) to help me climb up the kitchen surface. Why? I wanted access to the medicine cupboard so I could have the sweet-flavoured cough sweets. It was the same cupboard that contained my Mum’s contraceptive pills so she naturally freaked out when she discovered I had raided the cupboard. I didn’t take any of the contraceptives though, I wasn’t that stupid! XD

  6. I would point out that mace is illegal in Canada so some people carry bear spray as a substitute; It is possible that it accidently went off in his pants.

    However, I would call him all kinds of stupid for having it there in the first place.

  7. Walking like a cat,
    purring like a kitten,
    he’s a year old today.
    Never was a quitter,
    cuddly like a teddy,
    he’s got the floof.
    Sleeping on the floor
    cause his bed tried to kill him
    frightened by his shadow
    Clawing on the sofa,
    killing his toy mousie
    he’s got the floof.

    He’s got the floof.
    He’s got the floof.
    What in the world can make a rag-doll cat so blue.
    When everything his human does he does for you
    and I go: la la la la la
    he’s got the floof.

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