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A Patron requested the Neverending Story, we decided to baptise our new flat and ROBYN came to visit! (fanfare)

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  1. The movie really only gets about halfway through the book, which is the main reason it ends so weird and suddenly. In the novel, the second half is spent with Bastion actually in Fantasia and being friends with Atreyu… until… stuff… happens, and its much much more about his journey. So them being the same actor wouldn’t go too great in a remake if they actually adapted the book.

    Neverending Story 2 very very loosely adapted the second half of the book… in that it took a couple ideas from about two chapters and then wrecked them… but it sort of tried.

  2. That terrifying WereWolfThing Green Eyed Yeah you know what or whom I speak of. Well he is fucking scary and he has a bullshit philosophy in the year 1984.

  3. The fact that that World destroying Cyclone Hurricane so-called “The Nothing” which should be actually called “The Nothingness” in my opinion is ripping out the soil of “Fantasia” because human people or kids are or were not reading enough books or giving up on their “hopes” and “dreams,” okay how in the fucking hell does this talking werewolf grizzly bear set out to murder a what to be a Native American Fanciful human boy who is a supposed threat to a piece of terrible weather, wow I just realized how fucking existentially insane this novel-based story or scenario is. A mortal being (and especially a child or minor) cannot fight or stop a storm hurricane back-hole thing that can destroy an entire world, like basically The Nothing is this world or land sucking Black Hole that seems to caused by Earthly human being’s lack of desire to read books and use their imagination or rejecting fantasy or some shit like that? I don’t know you this sounds scientifically stupid, idiotic and ethically cruel especially for children or any age because Gmork’s philosophy is pure bullshit as he explains to Atreyu before that Indian boy reveals his identity in defiance, His “Theory” or “Philosophy” is bullshit people and children (In the Western European and North American) probably read more books back and were probably a whole lot more literate than today’s generation then in the year 1984 when this half-baked West German North American Fantasy film directed by Wolfgang Petersen since you know The World Wide Web Internet did not exist yet in the civilian market, Cable Television was in it’s infancy (Again 1984), Superhero Comic books aside (Which this movie’s philosophy frowns upon or the bookseller Mr. Koreander doesn’t think comic books are real literature and neither do I actually), but anyway most people of all ages read more novel-based books than today 32 years ago, even VHS Video Cassettes were just starting to come in the market. Still how does this fanciful monster knows so much or thinks he knows so much about us humans and our psychological needs and wants and feelings? I have a personal theory that this wolf was once a Norwegian Nazi “human” soldier serving the German Nazi Party as Waffen SS racial killer of Jews and other undesirables of human people that German racist policies sent out to exterminate in various Holocaust Concentration and Death camps. Yeah fuking insane, horrible imagination I have don’t I because I own this movie on DVD you three slight stupid-heads have been discussing and made it a habit of ritual watching every year and a half or twice every year of my life. And one more really important question thing I’d like an answer I’m probably never gonna get from anyone is: Why does this Werewolf bear creature want a world that he still resides in to be destroyed so much that literally nothing and no one will exist? A total void, Yeah complete extinction in a Fantasy World in an author or writerless book (And that’s another thing, nobody wrote “The Neverending Story in The Neverending Story (Die unendliche Geschichte in German) by Michael Ende the not-so famous German writer guy as part of the fictional scenario, damn it mind as well be cursed book or a mysterious spell book that puts a curse on any reader who reads it), anyway why would he (you know who) want that to begin with? Is his purpose just maul to death this one Indian hero boy I guess for his “Black Hole Master” and then die along with the other good but freaky creatures who just want to live and exist? I mean this monster is still a flesh and blood creature, why would he want everything to cease to exist including himself apparently at all? What or who is he going to hunt and eat being a ruthless predator wolf-bear once there no one left anymore huh? Cynical Apathetic Dumb-ass beast who just doesn’t care! Even the most foulest monstrous creatures wished they lived rather than died. Now I hope you realize why this story’s insanely fucked-up and difficult to understand for all ages of human life I believe.

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