The Neverending Story – Backseat Critique

A Patron requested the Neverending Story, we decided to baptise our new flat and ROBYN came to visit! (fanfare)

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The movie really only gets about halfway through the book, which is the main reason it ends so weird and suddenly. In the novel, the second half is spent with Bastion actually in Fantasia and being friends with Atreyu… until… stuff… happens, and its much much more about his journey. So them being the same actor wouldn’t go too great in a remake if they actually adapted the book. Neverending Story 2 very very loosely adapted the second half of the book… in that it took a couple ideas from about two chapters and then wrecked them… but it sort… Read more »

That terrifying WereWolfThing Green Eyed Yeah you know what or whom I speak of. Well he is fucking scary and he has a bullshit philosophy in the year 1984.

The fact that that World destroying Cyclone Hurricane so-called “The Nothing” which should be actually called “The Nothingness” in my opinion is ripping out the soil of “Fantasia” because human people or kids are or were not reading enough books or giving up on their “hopes” and “dreams,” okay how in the fucking hell does this talking werewolf grizzly bear set out to murder a what to be a Native American Fanciful human boy who is a supposed threat to a piece of terrible weather, wow I just realized how fucking existentially insane this novel-based story or scenario is. A… Read more »