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The Dom reviews one of the many disappointing spinoffs to the Neverending Story.

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  1. Oh! Haha. I used to LOVE this show as a kid despite the fact that I’ve never seen any of the Neverending Story movies and never read any of the books. Although, I think that’s one of the reasons WHY I liked it. For example, I didn’t know that the Childlike Empress had a name so that wasn’t a problem for me. Same with the Rock chewers thing and the list goes on. Therefore, I think this show is perfect for any kid who doesn’t know anything about The Neverending Story. Lastly, I don’t remember about the water running gag. Sorry.

  2. I thought the premise for The Neverending Story was that the book was different each time you read it. Thus there is no such thing as continuity. Pretty much any time Bastian picked up where he had left off and reread a paragraph he had abandoned and started a new story that just happened to have common elements with the previous one.

  3. This is the trouble with marketing and licensing. Sometimes they just don’t know when to leave something wonderful alone.

    The original movie is a masterpiece that inspired a generation almost to the degree that Harry Potter inspired the next… everything else seems like a cheap attempt to milk the name.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    People turning to stone from drinking water? I’d suggest consulting Mr. Lovecraft. He might have some information for you on that.

  5. Was that first stone character Roger the alien from American Dad?

    ‘Was Moonchild’s plan to have people trying to kill Bastian again and again?’
    Well, technically, that was her plan for Atreyu in the original book and movie.
    ‘course, it was necessary there.

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