The New Teen Titans Anti-Drug Giveaway #2 – AT4W

Really what I get from this is that Wally West is bad at following up on stuff.

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  1. Spoilers;


  2. TragicGuineaPig


    “Being Mysterious” is her superpower? Can she also, like, cut guns in half with her mind?

    PEACY-P? I LOVES THE PEACY-P! “Crample-O Stow Wuh Climmina Waoh!”

  3. YES! A PSA video. I knew it was coming but still. And double YES for SNOWFLAME! ^.^

  4. Oh how I’ve missed SNOWFLAME! 😀

  5. So was the protector Jason Todd?

  6. 1:46- Thank God Ninja Steel gave the Gold Ranger a five-pointed star shaped morphed instead of …THIS.

    4:01- And I’m instantly reminded of the Batman Diet Coke commercials.

    5:15- At least you went to have fun at a carnival on your spare time in the animated movie “Justice League vs. Teen Titans.”

    9:09- A bisexual high school drug dealer who wears shades and a leather jacket? …Yeah, I can believe that.

    11:58- I’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, and it shows that cocaine does NOTHING positive to a human being.

    I’m also not an expert in drugs, nor did I ever took ‘em before, but these PSAs love to treat drugs like they’re worse than Nazis and slavery combined.

    20:17- Any of that sounds better than anything said in “Teen Titans Go!”

  7. *screeech* 9:20… *squints* Hey! That’s the book that Lindsey and Elisa published! o.O The Cthullu-Twilight young adult romance! HAHAHAHAHA!

  8. I knew you’d mention Chinacat. I thought you’d hate this one. An okay drug PSA? That’s really quite impressive. I do love the Teen Titans. Aww, Starfire’s not that sexy here.

  9. #LegalizeVinumSabbati

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