The Nightmare Before Christmas – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and Sam review The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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  1. It’s a mid-life crisis movie.

  2. I’ve never seen all of this movie. I have only seen the opening scene. This movie has never appealed to me but I respect Tim Burton even more so than I already do because he knows not to mess with a good thing.

  3. Dear Mr. Stuckman:

    Your Mrs. Stuckman is indeed very lovely, and in this video, I thought you both made a great team. You should include her in more of your videos.

  4. I didn’t get the feeling that Sally was trying to kill Doctor Finklestein, just slip out without him stopping her. Yes she is using deadly nightshade, but just to sedate him (which apparently is one possible use of it if prepared properly). She even covers him in a blanket after one poisoning. Plus with it being halloween town I imagine they’re a bit more resistant to poisons than most.

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