The Orville Mid-Season – Angry Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review The Orville Series at the Mid-way point in its first season’s run, what do we think? Should you watch?

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  1. I know my mom watches the Orville. I would probably see The Orville but I’m juggling too many shows. Also, woah! You’re also reviewing TV shows now?! O.O

    • The Real Silverstar

      Joe has reviewed TV shows before; he’s done a few Game of Thrones reviews when the new season started. Basically, Joe covers whatever he’s into. His channel is a variety channel, though YouTubers can’t seem to comprehend that; they always throw a temper tantrum whenever he does a video that’s not a game review.

  2. The pro-sex change operation argument was actually incredibly weak to me. They say that if the baby were to stay female she would be ostracized and mocked for her whole life…but who would do that? If they claim to know how the other people in their population will act maybe they can give me tomorrow’s lotto numbers since they can see the future, and if they’re claiming that that’s how THEY would treat the child and are assuming everyone would act like them, then why would I listen to a bunch of assholes who would shun and ostracize someone who was born different? Of course the stupidity of the pro-discrimination argument was the point, and the commentary was very effective. I kind of love the fact that Seth was able to make a show about his Star Trek fan-fiction so he could star in it and have it come out so great. I love this show so much.

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