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I ain’t done bustin’ cause there’s a second Ghostbusters: The Video Game to talk about. This one’s kind of weird, but how does it compare to the other one?

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  1. I never played the Wii version since I assumed it was like all the others.

    Those horrible male chauvinist Ghostbusters.

  2. A second Ghostbusters game. That’s impossible.

  3. I thought he was going to talk about Sanctum of Slime.

  4. My friend rented the Wii version of this a few years back, and the first level or so was okay but we were underwhelmed and kind of stopped there. He went on to play a little more and didn’t like it.

    I actually kind of like the caricature designs and overall look for a low-power SD version, but the poor controls and lack of polish really hurt this game. It could have been a really fun arcade experience if they eliminated the waggle and just stuck with the infrared pointer controls (which always worked great) to zap and guide ghosts into traps.

    Very much a victim of rushed shovelware licensed game syndrome.

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