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Is the latest update to Charlie Brown good stuff or good grief? Doug takes a look at The Peanuts Movie.

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  1. The Peanuts Movie was really good. The animation was outstanding, it keeps true to the spirit of the Peanuts, and it shows it doesn’t need any pop culture references or any cliches of that nature. One of the best of the year.

  2. I would just imagine him doing the review in Wah Wahs

  3. Great review Doug. After watching Chris Stuckmann’s review of the movie, my girlfriend and I went out to see it and we were impressed how close it stayed to the original material without modernizing it.

    Definitely go out and see this film!

  4. It was a real feel good sort of movie. I left the theater feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

  5. I’m rather surprised they didn’t make the humor centered around farting, boogers, and sex. That’s what they do for most nostalgic kids’ show revivals.

  6. Thanks for doing this review Doug. I am looking forward to this movie. I am glad they stuck to the original style and story telling.
    I am so glad they didn’t do a plot where Charlie Brown must save the planet from aliens that want to blow it up or some garbage like that.

  7. I heard the movie didn’t really capture the cynical, dark tone that made Peanuts such a breath of fresh air on the comics page, which is a shame. But it certainly doesn’t sound like a bad movie in its own right.

  8. I think it’s safe to say that The Incredibles deserved at least a soft PG. Brave earned its rating thanks to the (wholly unnecessary) presence of Scottish man-cheeks, and I think Inside Out’s PG was mostly due to the “thematic elements” of a girl battling depression.

  9. Thank you for doing this as yourself, and NOT Nostalgia Critic. Otherwise it would just be wrong.

  10. I did think the ending was a bit of a cop out. I mean, even when you think back to the original run of the Peanuts comics, when Charles Schulz announced his retirement, people speculated that Charlie Brown would FINALLY kick the football or fly a kite or win a game of baseball or date the Little Red Haired Girl or just tie up some loose ends and live happily ever after. Instead, the comic carried on business as usual, and the very last strip was just a simple goodbye letter from Schulz. Some people felt robbed, but for me (someone who always really identified with Charlie Brown) it felt right… like somewhere there would always be Charlie Brown tangled in the Kite Eating Tree or flat on his back next to a football… his melancholy life carried on, punctuated by just enough joy (not huge triumphs like in the movie — more like someone finally stopping to appreciate the Christmas tree he picked) to keep him optimistically plugging away at it. It WAS kinda dark, but to me it was a lot more real than the constant “Be yourself and everything will work out great” message that seemed to be forced into our childhoods at every turn… and again with this film.

    That being said, the good FAR outweighed the bad. The Snoopy parts were great. I loved the use of Bill Melendez’ voice through stock…. what a great touch. And that scene at the dance when they all bust out their moves from A Charlie Brown Christmas just about killed me. Over all a really cute enjoyable flick, and a WAY truer send off to a classic cartoon that Garfield or Alvin and the Chipmunks or The Smurfs. I just think they missed out on some of the darker subtleties of the comic.

    • Well, actually, there was this ONE special that ended w/ the little red-haired girl saying that she liked Charlie Brown, but she just left him a note about it, then left for the summer.
      So the movie’s ending was kinda like that ending, but a little happier.

  11. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m seeing this one tommorow with my one other sibling,two friends that are brother and sister,and my mom so I’m glad that Doug liked it and here’s hoping I will too. With that being said I’m not really a big peanuts fan too and when I heard the stuff about the movie and how it centered around its source material and didn’t change anything I was like sign me up!!! The ending though shouldnt be a cop out since most peanuts specials have a happy ending to them(granted some don’t like the great pumpkin or that one special where Charlie brown went to this girls house cause he had a crush on her but it turned out that her and Linus had more in common) but other than that I haven’t seen any of them that don’t have a happy ending.

    As for the movie rating system, I think the mpaa is very strict when it comes to kids movies and howe many films will get pg and g ratings(though I don’t get why inside out was a pg but that’s just how the rating system works I guess) but why cars 2 got a g when it had violence and spy action is beyond me!!!

  12. Might see it next week, grew up watching The Peanuts, like a lot of people did.

    I’m not sure when it started that the G rating was only for children’s movies. The original Planet of the Apes, and the original Italian Job were both rated G.

  13. Doug. There’s something I have to ask you, cause I’m starting to notice a recurring complaint you have in so many things you review. Far too often you complain about stories with characters who suffer but end up getting their happy ending at the end of the story, stating that they didn’t suffer enough. Charlie Brown shouldn’t have gotten his moment of recognition in the end of the film after decades of being everyone’s punching bag, or Jurassic World should have been more violent and brutal, even though it already had the most brutal death of any character in the franchise to date, or that Cinderella needed to go through more Hell in order for her tragedy to be merited even though she already lost both her parents and has held in how horrid her step family has been to her all these years, or your whole complaint that the creators of Avatar should have gone out of their way to make Jet a completely despicable person by deceiving Zuko into trusting him only to betray him.

    My question to you is… are you a freaking sadist or something? I suppose you think Avatar would have been better if we actually saw Firebenders burning people to death as well, right?

    • No, I don’t think Mr. Walker is a sadist. It’s all about story-telling. In a story in which the character suffers very little, there’s little to no payoff then when they get what they want. It’s not about suffering for suffering’s sake, but rather about the reward being worth the trials and tribulations that lead up to it. The reward isn’t worth as much if the hero doesn’t have to strive, struggle, sacrifice, and suffer to get it.

      • I get that, but in a lot of these stories, I feel like the characters DO suffer enough, but nomatter what they go through, Doug just never seems satisfied. Charlie Brown has been this outcast wrought with rotten luck for decades upon decades of comics and cartoon shows, not just this one movie. If you really take into account everything he has been through for the course of his entire history, I feel it’s safe to say he’s more than earned a little recognition at the end of this film.

  14. I think thats the same reason i like Hey Arnold or why it works. Kinda like the peanuts its not about much, its just a boy and some other characters and their lives in this city, ive always admired shows like that

  15. I just saw this movie today and I thought it was really good! 😀 I liked p much everything about it, the animation, the humor, the character portrayal, etc. I even liked the ending, just because it was cute and something FINALLY went well for Charlie Brown! XP That poor kid
    But yeah, if I had to say something I wasn’t a fan of, the movie kinda goes from 0 to 100 sometimes, like the scene where Charlie Brown is taking the book home from the library was kinda unnecessary tbh
    But I loved it! There were a lot of callbacks to the comics/specials that I noticed. There was an old guy sitting next to me in the theater, and he was enjoying the film (:

  16. I loved the movie. Totally a love letter to Schulz. I think my only gripe was the rather out of place pop songs that were inserted.

  17. One other complaint I guess; my favourite character, Rerun, wasn’t in it 🙁

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