The perfect storm of PokemonGO – MUD2MMO

Are we seeing a turning point in gaming? Is PokemonGO a game changer in mobile and video games? Tyger indulges himself and talks about PokemonGO specifically this week.

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And now I think I understand why this game didn’t appeal to me. I’ve never been a social gamer. I don’t do MMOs, even. And, while I love turn-based RPGs, I like them for the story.

It never even dawned on me that people were having fun together. You can’t even battle each other yet.


Isn’t Ingress smarter just because it revolves around landmarks? I mean… the problem with Pokémon Go is that Pokémon can spawn… absolutely anywhere. Yes, yes, people are stupid, blah blah blah. But the fix sounds easy enough.

Chaos Marine

Wait wait… Evangelical churches are trying to use Pokemon Go to get people into their churches? Doesn’t that violate what they preach about evolution? Wut?

Not at all. Of course, you have the fundamental conservative elements who will look for demons in your breakfast cereal but by in large, most churches recognize that it’s just a game (i.e. not a source of doctrinal insight). And one that brings people together! I think it was the second weekend after the game was released that my church started hosting Pokemon meetups, not just because of how many of our own youths were playing it but how many in the community played it too. Lots of fun! Even allowed us to do a couple impromptu potluck dinners on… Read more »

You might want to look up a similar non digital activity called geohashing. It revolves around an equation for generating a daily, random GPS coordinate with your latitude and longitude. There’s also a site where people can record their adventures and register achievements like discovering the location is in a bar or having to use a boat to get in position.