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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Prestige.

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  1. I’m a big fan of this movie, courtesy of its cast and as a longtime fan of stage magic. Great review – it made me want to watch “The Prestige.”

  2. The Prestige starring: Wolverine, Batman, Black Widow, and Alfred Pennyworth.

    I do love how they show and tell you everything you need to know quite clearly, but you just never quite see the twist. The marital issues just seem like marital issues and the conversations and arguments can be seen as just that until you find out what’s really going on. The scene where Fallon comforts the little girl while her “parents” are arguing is so great on rewatch.

    I also love Jackman’s scene where he reveals his obsession with Borden hasn’t been about his wife’s death in years, but is entirely about learning the trick and one upping Borden. It’s there where he goes from the co-protagonist to the villain of the story.

    • I love how everyone avoid mention the real twist, what would be lazy as hell normally but in context of this movie it totally do work and is surprising. I don’t tell what it is..

  3. I’ve never heard of this movie until now. In fact, it took me a while to figure out that this isn’t a new movie. Haha. I forgot about your Nolan series.

  4. This may be my favorite Christopher Nolan film with Memento being a close second.

    The sort of deep internal character analysis he brought to Batman that I often felt ground those movies to a halt works far better here. Without being tied to a long-standing franchise, he is free to delve. It’s Nolan at his best and within his element.

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