The Princess Diaries – Lost in Adaptation

Yes, Disney’s 2001 smash hit The Princess Diaries WAS based on a book, written just a year before it’s adaptation. Did they have anything in common?

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  1. It’s adaptation? Dude, you are reviewing books. Be serious.

    • I am glad at least one person understood the importance of writing well, especially when your job is to talk about books. So I’m just assuming you need to read for that.

  2. Hey! For once this is an instance where I’ve both read the book and seen the movie. Rejoicing! ^.^ I saw the movie first and then I read the book about 10 years later. On the subject of the change from New York to San Francisco, I think it’s because they wanted to make the movie more quirky which I hear San Francisco can be. However, once I finished the book, I had no desire to read any of the other books. I felt like the movie did a better job of making the most of the characters likable. I guess I just preferred the sugar coated version that Disney presented.

  3. Crossover Princess

    I do know why they changed the cities. As not only was I the demographic when the movie (a teen girl) but also one living in San Francisco there were news articles about why they switched it… And from what I remember…

    Garry Marshall liked San Francisco better (shrugs). That’s pretty much it. I think it was also the looks of the city too since San Francisco is considered more beautiful. But yeah…

  4. Disney rewrites everything to fit its own worldview. I’m dreading the innevitable day Disney takes over the entire film world.

    Also, shouldn’t the role of “cool guy in the corridor who makes the girls faint” have gone to Terrence. 😉

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah going into this but I knew Disney wasn’t so good at adaptations so it’s no surprise to see this one wasn’t as good of an adaptation of the book but thank God that wasn’t cause the book sounds terrible from what I heard.

    Besides that, I remember growing up I would watch this on ABC family and Disney channel slot and not surprisedto see you say it’s perfectly fine of a Disney movie.

  6. This movie is Anne Hathaway’s feature film debut.

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