The Problem with Broly – A Dragonball Discussion

Broly is one of the most popular and one of the most controversial characters in Dragonball, but does the Legendary Super Saiyan been unfairly treated? Has his source of energy turned against him and become a parasite eating away at his being? Well let’s delve into Broly’s past and figure out what’s up with this mammoth killing machine!

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  1. Broly’s pretty cool, he’s definitely an intimidating adversary for the Z fighters. And the scene when Goku finally kills him is one of my favourite moments in all of DBZ. Particularly the english dub as the song they use (Haji’s Kitchen – Lost) elevates the badassery of the scene.

    • Intimidating in the first movie, by the time the second movie came around he was a joke and in the third even more so of one. His only real advantage is that his power workd like the Androids, he doesn’t have to be stronger than you he just had to wear you out while he stays the same strength.

  2. I once heard someone compare Broly’s constantly growing power to Tetsuo’s (from Akira). Kinda makes sense, the buried resentment and hatred fueling the power. And just imagine the God Choir from Akira being played while Broly is on screen doing his thing.

    • Except his power doesn’t constantly grow, it stays the same. This is from Toriyama himself, the english dub got it wrong, he’s essentially a super saiyan android, his power stays the same but his opponents get tied and their power drops so he wears them out.

  3. There are MANY Problems with Brolly especially since even thinking of making him canon at this point he’s long been surpassed as seen in the second movie where Android 18 was more than a match for him, lets list them off.
    1.) He’s not canon
    2.) The fans that go goo goo gaga over him like to pin on all of their fantasy traitslegendary” mode is essentially what the androids already have, hence why 18 kicked the shit out of him, and that is his power doesn’t reduce. He doesn’t get stronger, let me repeat that HE DOESN”T GET STRONGER IN HIS LEGENDARY FORM He stays the same strength while everyone else gets weaker from exhaustion. He still get hurt and his getting stronger by getting hurt doesn’t kick in until he’s healing or healed from those injuries, but in legendary form he’s just like an android in which he can run out even a stronger opponent just by prolonging the fight to the point his opponent is winded and ready to pass out.
    3.) He’s dead unless you want to argue he’s powering the sun he’s dead.
    4.) As seen in the second movie where he was pretty much useless his power has long, LONG been surpassed, and by the time the third movie came along he was so far behind it was laughable to the point they needed FILLER to make a full movie, hell the second movie was a good chunk of FILLER and again as seen in the second movie 18 who doesn’t get any weaker as the fight drug out could have killed him if she wanted to.
    5.) He’s not canon
    6.) ALL This information was put out by Toriyama himself, in fact the ONLY movie villain in the first 13 movies he’s considered making canon that I am aware of is Janemba. I know that because unlike the other movies he was the focus of two games that Toriyama worked on and those games focused on Janemba as the main villain even putting him out as more powerful than Kid Buu and making him such a threat that should he ever fuse with another villain they would literally NEVER be rid of him and the only way to defeat him was to isolate him away from enough evil that he could no longer regenerate, which of course meant they had to get him out of hell before they could kill him, which BTW was originally part of the plot of the movie.

  4. That alteration to hating Vegeta really would remove the biggest stupidity point from his character, so I’d be all for that. Obviously since Goku and team have gone past his level he really doesn’t have a lot of potential now… unless there is an alternate universe Broly.
    If there was an alternate Broly who was allowed to continue getting stronger you’d have a very viable god of destruction level enemy, maybe even one the others gods of destruction have issue with. I don’t think that’s likely since we already had Goku Black fill that role but it was just a thought.
    Big thing with Broly and a lot of other monster type characters (like Doomsday or even just top tier danger villians) is that they can’t be used a lot. They always have to lose so if they show up multiple times they become pointless. There’s no more danger in them if they’ve been defeated a thousand times, especially in a show like DBZ where those defeats mean the heroes are forever above that level now.
    I think the only way he could become canon at this point would be a huge plotline dealing with the afterlife. A Janemba styled plot line where Broly finally beats his way out of hell and thus becomes something like a spirit of rage and thus becomes a threat to even god level characters. Heck it could be viable for a Janemba-Broly-Cell undead/demon team if it was done very carefully… despite the likely hood being very, very, very….very unlikely. Except maybe a movie.

    • I heard theory (I admit that it is stretched) that Goku may be Vegeta brother. It is based on speculation that Goku was seen as weak as a kid (because of his lack of intelligence or weird personality.. that is still point of debate) and as such Sayan king could abandon him and as result Goku end in some low class family. After he was send on earth he fall in hand of patient teachers who wre capable bring his true potential.

      In such case Broly may recall him as such and that may be reason of his hatred?

  5. I always thought of Broly as the Jason Voohees of DBZ

  6. Double Revenge?

    You mean……


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