The Raid vs Dredd – Blockbuster Buster

By Popular demand ERod once again pits two extremely similar movies against one another, but this time there’s a twist: Both Movies are Good!

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  1. Anyone knows if Eric plans on reuploading old videos?

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Did you use the Rocky theme as an underhanded reference to the original Judge Dredd film?

  3. A good suggestion for a next vs would be Ironclad and 300 – Both with similar plots, though with different results and settings, and both happen to be good films with their own unique styles.

    If ERod would ever get into tv shows, then I’d really want to see a ‘Game of Thrones’ vs ‘Rome’, because both were the best, too. Sad I can’t anything similar yet equally bad, concerning both movies and shows. Unless ERod really likes Summit that much. *Ba Dum Tss*

    P.S: Is the Gods of Egypt review coming any time, soon? It’s also made by Summit… 😛

  4. Mask of the Phantasm and Under the Red Hood would be cool movies to compare. Both movies involve a masked person from Bruce’s past returning and killing off all the major crime bosses in the city until becomes desperate enough to go to the Joker for help, resulting in all three main characters fighting it out as a bomb is about to go off and all three escaping at the end.

  5. You didn’t like Sky High? Woah… Anyways, I haven’t seen either movie (since I prefer the corniness of Judge Dredd) but this was still a good video, especially since you do a synopsis of each movie. I appreciate that. They’re not my type of movies (those fight scenes from the Raid, geez O.O) but I could still follow what you were talking about. I disagree with you on fight scenes though. A fight scene is good if it looks cool, in my opinion.

  6. Volcano vs Dante’s Peak.

    Armageddon vs Deep Impact.

    28 Days Later vs Dawn of the Dead {2004}.

    White House Down vs Olympus Has Fallen.

  7. What about a popular and controversial one… Star Wars Episode IV: A new Hope VERSUS Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Both are similar, both are good 🙂

  8. You should compare Heat and The Town

  9. Honesty, I think that the so called “fact” of Dredd being a ripoff is a lot of nonsense. Not only was there not enough time between releases for that to be the case, but Dredd’s script had been written for years before The Raid was even a thing.

    As for future vs episodes… you could do The Raid 2 vs Dredd 2… oh wait. XD

  10. I see that even that you put the Dredd comics as references but never read any of them, Dredd is analogy of abuse of power, because meanwhile he believes in absolutes when it come to “Justice”, Dredd isn’t exactly a hero, meanwhile he is killing gangsters and criminals, he destroying any revolt for any Democratic movement in Megacity, in other words, Dredd is nothing more than a fascist, he believes in the power and control over the masses, he don’t care about the wishes of the masses, he doesn’t care about bring more equality to the masses, he only care is about to kill anyone that impose a treat to the current system, not matter if they are real criminals or civilians.

    • It’s why Anderson (has potential to be) the real hero. Dredd might be the hero of that story but I personally felt like the movie made it clear that almost all Judges act the way they do because they feel it’s necessary, because there is no other way to enforce law and order. Anderson recognises victims and shows mercy – true justice.

  11. Hey ERod! You ever thought about doing a Versus episode on Avatar vs Dances with Wolves? Though different genres their stories are pretty much beat for beat the same.

  12. Rama’s pretty cute, too.

  13. Now this is a much better conclusion than the last one where you copped out and chose not to decide a victor. With that said, The Raid definitely looks awesome. Now I gotta see this movie.

  14. You could compare The Dark Knight to Man of Steel. I spent half of Man of Steel looking at my husband going “Isn’t this just The Dark Knight with an F’ed up version of superman?”

    A lot of people seem to compare Willow with Starwars: A New Hope. I would suggest it if only to give Willow more attention as it is a good movie with graphics that still hold up to this day.

  15. Oh, I have one: A New Hope and The Hidden Fortress!

  16. Eh, fair enough on villains, but, to be honest, I love Lena Headey as Ma-Ma. She’s intimidating, cool, and gorgeous. I adore her.

  17. Hearing English audio for The Raid is weird. I’ve only ever seen it subtitled and in the original Indonesian.

  18. Will The Lorax be in rhyme.

  19. I was trying to think of a good “versus” and I’d like to suggest the following “Gorgo” vs. “Yongary, Monster from the Deep”. These are two films made by countries other than Japan (Great Britain and South Korea, respectively), both of which came out in the 60’s, trying to take advantage of Godzilla’s popularity. I’d be interested in seeing a comparison of these non-Japanese kaiju movies.

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