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If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Well, is it mold? A rabid dog? There are many different people who could be called.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I always liked Ghostbusters II better than the first. I was actually shocked when I was first exposed to somebody who thought it was bad. Vigo was just a much more effective villain.

  2. The people who believe those conspiracies you listed are a minority. Where in Ghostbusters 2 the majority of people stopped believing them.

  3. I can see the point you’re trying to make Linkara and it is a good one, that said it still irks me that everybody seemed to have forgotten them. I’d have preferred it if it was a “what have you done for me lately” sort of situation, perhaps caused or enhanced by the mood slime.
    That being said I don’t hate Ghostbusters 2, I just didn’t like it as much as the original. Also I kinda wanted Vigo to grow to giant size and fight the Statue of Liberty. It would’ve been silly yes but far less silly then the Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel.

  4. Sometimes, shitty comics happen, someone has to review them, and who you gonna call?

    The Real Ghostbusters in the comic adaptation of Ghostbusters II reminds me when Batman & Robin was released, there were coloring and activity books based on the movie, and all the characters’ designs are based on The Animated Series. Does anyone else remember those?

    I also don’t understand the hate of Ghostbusters II. I also find it really enjoyable. The same goes for the recent reboot, and I have the Extended Edition Blu-ray of it. Seriously, where the haters of that movie just bathing in pink slime before the first trailer was released?

    9:03- Sounds like the Trump presidential campaign, and its supporters, in a nutshell.

    I also like the pink colored slime better. As James Rolfe has stated on Cinemassacre, it’s an homage to the movie The Blob, and the remake of said movie was released around the same time as GB2.

    21:24- (Insert “The More You Know” logo here)

    28:09- Oh yeah? Well, Bill Murray later got stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted, and burned in Groundhog Day.

    The adaptation is okay, and the source material is STILL good.

    Speaking of Star Trek, anyone else heard of the upcoming Star Trek/Aliens comic crossover?

    • “Speaking of Star Trek, anyone else heard of the upcoming Star Trek/Aliens comic crossover?”

      I’ve heard of it, but so far that’s all.
      “Captain’s Log: we set down on LV-426, responding to an alien distress call…”

  5. maybe the comic takes place before the first episode of the series. Though it doesn’t explain why Dana is no where to be found in the tv series.

  6. I just realized that Linkara’s description of how the pink slime is generated by strong emotions, affects peoples’ minds and warps reality is EXACTLY the same as the description of how, in the universe of Warhammer 40K, Chaos is created and warps reality.

    So when are we finally going to get our W40K/ Ghostbusters crossover fanfiction?

  7. This actually makes sense if you remember the animated episode where they went to Hollywood to be consultants on a film about them that turned out to be the actual film.
    “Murray, Akyroyd, and Ramis?? What is that, a law firm??”
    It’s possible that the eventually sequel was also “adapted” from an actual adventure of theirs.
    What, no “pink energy” joke??

  8. I always liked Ghostbusters II, though whether it’s believable or not I think it’s fair to say that audiences didn’t want to see them discredited for most of the film.

    Also, “I’ve never had a gun that didn’t kill things before!” is easily Linkara’s best line in 2016.

  9. I’ve never seen or played anything Ghostbusters. Although, I did hear the theme song on the radio today and it’s catchy as heck.

  10. THANK YOU!! It’s nice to see someone give a good defense of GBII. I’ve always loved that movie at least as much as the first, and frequently more. It just feels so much more epic… That, and it has a ghostly Titanic in it. Seriously, how much perfect can you get for a New York haunting?

  11. I don’t think that Ghostbusters 2 is bad movie. Just not as good as first one that’s horror comedy classic.

  12. At 17:15 isn’t Venkman giving the middle finger to traffic?

  13. I thought you would review the arc of the IDW comics where a mostly female team took over for the Ghostbusters in light of the all-female team reboot movie. Speaking of which, I’m also surprised you didn’t share your thoughts on it in this review. But I do think it was a nice touch that Viga was wearing the uniform from it.

  14. I have to agree: what the second film did wasn’t really the same as the first. But it does sort of hit the reset button on the guys. Think about it: these guys single-handedly saved New York from apocalyptic destruction, which was witnessed by a huge population of the city, and yet, by the time of the second film, they’ve all been discredited and disavowed, to the point that no one takes them seriously anymore and treat them like scum. What is this, the Marvel Universe?

    If they were going to go with the idea of them being taken down a notch, why not just have business dry up as a result of their defeating Gozer? People still remember what they did, but just don’t see a need for them anymore. That, to me, would have worked better than them being the victims of politically-motivated slander.

    Anyway, I think the reset is why people tend to think of it as the same film over: because the ‘Busters start off at the bottom and have to earn their way back up to the top. And how do they do it? By defeating a couple of ghosts in public: just like they did with Slimer in the first film.

    EDIT: Actually, it looks like you addressed all that. Darn me and my jump-the-gun typing!

    • 26:47 – Just be glad that it didn’t make the toaster start asking you, like a million times, “Would you like some toast?”

    • I do agree that the second film would have been better if the Ghostbuster’s business had simply dried up following Gozer’s defeat instead of everyone in New York accepting the idea of them being frauds after the whole city was publicly saved by them. Its easier to believe that they would find themselves out of work with the primary source of New York’s paranormal activity, Gozer, having been dealt with, rather than everyone going back to thinking ghosts don’t exist after so many public displays of paranormal activity one after the other, including a giant marshmallow man attacking the city, no one could possibly fake something as ridiculous but undeniably destructive like that XD. None of the naysayers even offer up any examples of how the Ghostbusters could have possibly faked all those ghost appearances >_<

      P.S. I do still like Ghostbusters II despite that nitpick, but I do prefer the direction the animated series took the franchise over the second movie.

  15. I really liked Linkara and Pollo’s words on 2016 as a whole. A lot of bad stuff happened, but also a lot of anniversaries worth celebrating as well

  16. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I like it better than the original, but I never understood why people disliked Ghostbusters II so much. It’s a little more cutesy with the baby, and the ending with the painting being revealed is too goofy and dumb, but it’s balanced out by all the scary and just plain awesome parts in my opinion. I love the scene where the mink coat comes to life- hilarious and also really creepy and disturbing at the same time.

  17. Just minor correct. Gozer doesn’t summon the Marshmallow Man. Gozer is the Marshmallow Man. The first form is Gozer The Traveller and the Marshmallow Man is Gozer the Destructor.

  18. Buffy did a similar thing, but it didn’t work: the origin comic really didn’t follow either the movie or the TV show well.

    Is your Freddy glove missing a claw? (The pinky.) Or is it just the angle / resolution I’m seeing it at?

    Technically, the guy who says the world will end on New Years’ Eve isn’t wrong. It’s just that the Ghostbusters stop it.

    The brothers were electrocuted in ’48? How old is that judge?!? (Is that year given in the movie? If so, I haven’t noticed it.)

    That thing between dimensions looks like something from Time Bandits!

  19. Admittedly, I’ve grown to like Ghostbusters 1 and 2 pretty much equally, though I still feel the ending to the first movie is more intense, what with the Ghostbusters blasting through Gozer’s dimension or whatever, compared to just covering a creepy panting in pink slime… but that’s just my opinion.

    It also bugged me that people just stopped believing the Ghostbusters after the first movie. What, a 100-foot tall marshmallow man stomping through the city wasn’t proof enough for you?! I know this is New York, but COME ON!

    Also, have you ever heard of a comic called “Ghostbusters Get Real”? It’s basically a crossover between the IDW comics and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. It’s a lot of fun, I think you’d really enjoy it.

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