The Return of Dr. Mysterio – You Know Who

The Reviewer (and Jamie) are back with a belated holiday gift. A review of the most recent Dr. Who superhero themed holiday episode.

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  1. I’m in agreement with you last reviewer I felt the super hero stuff didn’t really mesh with the alien invasion stuff and was probably just their to apple to the boom of comic book and super hero movies and media we have now a days

  2. Isn’t he the guy with the fishbowl on his head who always fights Spider-Man?

  3. Lot superhero comics are rooted to sci-fi and some even have invasion stories time to time so it’s not unheard of. That said usually those are done much better than this so end result tends to be better in those than in this one.

  4. This show has gotten rather silly. I miss the 9th doctor.

    The Doctor didn’t destroy his own people as he once thought. Gallifrey is no longer lost, though he is a fugitive like he had been before. His memory of Clara was erased so he’s not upset over the loss of a companion. If you accept that he remembers all of his experience from the confession dial then he’s had longer than the current age of the universe to get over River’s death. What is there to the character anymore?

    He’s just an eccentric wanderer that is barely involved in own adventures at this point.

  5. I wanna see a spin-off series starring Grant, he’s a really cool superhero…

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