The Reviewing 2: Review-nge – Unrepentant Geeking

The next episode of the now poorly name Viewer Request Month brings with it 4 more reviews as requested by YOU – the viewers.

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  1. Honestly, I had never heard of the Gummi Bears show until that one Disney NC video. I haven’t seen a Doctor Who season in its entirety since Rose left so no comment on what you were discussing. I’m going to be honest: I like Chicken Little. I don’t agree with all your points but you’re entitled to your opinion of course. Then again, I was a kid the last time I saw it and I think a lot of my circumstances affected my view of this movie. I pretty much WAS Chicken Little when I was younger so I guess I related to him. I think it is also because I actually tended to watch DreamWorks more that Disney at times so I liked some of the jokes like the running gag with the secret agent telling the mayor to switch loyalty. I was a super cynical kid too. Plus, it started my love for Spice Girls with that karaoke scene.

  2. I remember Fluppy Dogs. IIRC it went up against The Last Unicorn (or something with ‘Unicorn’ in it) which my sister and I wanted to watch much more but our little TV wouldn’t get that channel in enough to watch it. We did record Fluppy Dogs and I think I still have it on VHS somewhere.

  3. You know Shaun I like your stuff but quite honestly you really need to revamp this series. Seriously you are talking about 4 separate subjects here: You really could of easily cut this into four separate videos that were each like 20 something minutes long and release one like every couple of days and get more people watching them. Plus no offense but… you are obviously a podcaster and a guy who focuses on speaking his opinion over everything else. You should NOT have any visuals playing in your videos as you are not a visual editor like most everyone else on this site. Even SF Debris who doesn’t show his face at all is a video editor who knows how to cut his script to what’s happening on screen. You just play clips or trailers over and over again over the visuals or game play that doesn’t fit what you’re saying so your audio is just distracting over the material. Seriously man just stick to being a podcaster and just talking over what you’re saying without any visuals. People don’t need to see anything to get your point and that way you aren’t wasting time putting visuals to something where it clearly doesn’t belong with your style. I’m sure doing this will also give you more time to do these videos if you just have to worry about recording the audio and out laying your speaking points then having to put any video to it so… please do that in the future man as I think it’d be benefical to you and all the fans of this show.

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