The Runaway Unicorn – WTFIWWY Live

This week: dumb, drunk and passed out on the train tracks is no way to go through life, son. Also a glimpse at how to fit half a pound of coke into a bodily orifice and a town in Canada wants to implant GPS trackers in offenders with one problem: the technology is science fiction.

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  1. Vyrelady Archon

    I live in California, it is true that we have a lot of horses.

    I am very disappointed that I do not have the privilege of seeing a runaway Unicorn. Or a horse disguised as a Unicorn. Or the previous law of a run away car being captured on film, and it still wasn’t enough evidence.

  2. Fuck those parents with a wooden spoon!
    wtf chucky cheese full of rage hormones ?

    omg the kitties are so cute!!

  3. She didn’t need a string to get it out, she was on her way to a date with Snowflame

  4. sophronia_chaos

    Zoomies? House panther? Does…does Nash watch Foster Dad John’s 24-hour kitten cam? Afaik that’s the corner of the Internet where those terms came from.

    But yes, Grady is going to be a house panther.

  5. A WTFIWWY, my reliable old friend, here to continually destroy my faith in humanity every week.

    Maybe someone’s testing a rage virus? Of course, then you’d think it’d affect the kids too. Either way, I’m glad I never went to one of those crap holes as a kid. I spent my summers going to crap holes with cement floors and food that makes cardboard pizza look like five-star cuisine

    Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to create a new circle of hell just for Callum’s parents, because damn, that is some cold shit right there. It might be MICROSCOPICALLY less bad if they’d used the money to help pay his medical bills, but that is some selfish bullshit.

    • This story was in the UK, so there are no medical bills. That’s not to say there are no costs of course, but I read the article myself in full (Nash only read half of it) and the article stated that the father had a drug addiction and the equipment sold he used the cash for buying cocaine.

  6. The first rule of Chuck E. Cheese is you don’t talk about Chuck E. Cheese.

  7. When did Chuck E. Cheese’s become fucking Thunderdome?

  8. Grady is a teenager. You Nash, did you never knock anything over when you were a teenager?

  9. $30? I’ve seen them for under $10.

  10. As someone who has had both Limoncello and Everclear, I can honestly say that Limoncello is nowhere near as strong. It’s about as strong as Vodka.


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