The script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – The Dom Reviews

Terrence talks about his likes and dislikes about the script for the Harry Potter stage performance. The film adaptations may not have been very good but might the play do better?

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  1. What let me down was that this plot is the most common filler ever.
    I cant remember a modern fantasy series or cartoon that dont have an episode where they turn back in time to change a detail, everything turns bad, they change again until everything turns back to normal in the end.
    The whole 2016 season of Flash is based in that.

  2. They made a script in a book form? What? Well… R.I.P. Craig.

  3. I remember reading the script and when I got to the truth about Delphini I just put the book down and had to go and make myself a drink, watch some tv ANYTHING to get away from that big bag of nope.
    We don’t need them to release more fanfiction damn it that’s where 50 Shades of Grey came from

  4. So glad I didn’t read this script.

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