The Secret Life of Pets – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Secret Life of Pets.

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This movie has never appealed to me. I’m going to see Legend of Tarzan instead.


I really wanted this movie to be good….I mean, amazing, like Chris S. I love animals even as a kid, and when I saw the preview I thought it would be so cool to watch. So much potential they could have had in this film’s plot.

Chicken Puppet

I could tell this was going to be a loud, slapsticky, unoriginal movie that you basically put the kids in front of to shut them up for an hour and a half.

You said cute animals, and I know this is subjective, but I think I was extra prejudiced to this movie because the character designs are so ugly, obnoxious and unappealing. Am I the only one who thinks these animals look like furry potatoes on crack?


Yeah, no, they look like utter garbage. Watch Zootopia instead.

The Black Widower

2:28-2:31 THANK YOU!


I’ll just rent this one when it comes out on Redbox cause I’m not paying to see a toy story clone with animals in theaters.

Hopefully Despicable Me 3 will be better which is looking like it will be cause the people who made the first one are making it and I can’t wait to see Matt Stone(aka South Park creator alongside Trey Parker) cause that should be fun.