The Sensational Spider-Man #0 – AT4W

He’s in sensational need of money!

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  1. Where was Freddy Krueger? This had nothing horror related! Still, it’s nice to see a decent comic from the Clone Saga. Yeah, I missed the story. I know how busy you are! That MST3K clip is getting overused and yeah, first!

  2. Only a year away until your 10 year anniversary.

    I’m just still hoping that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t adapt the Clone Saga in any way, shape, or form. And in speaking of #0 comics, I need to mail you a certain comic that you said you haven’t read yet.

    I first saw the “Sensational” Spider-Man costume in the pages of the DC vs. Marvel mini-series in 1996-1997, and I also thought it looked cool back in the day.

    Screw Paul Blart. I wanna see the Fat Grandma movie.

    The guy in the blue suit and red cape don’t have these problems, because he’s a newspaper reporter, and you’re a freelance photographer who doesn’t get a decent paycheck.

    Armada look like an EXTREME version of the James Harper Clone incarnation of The Guardian from DC Comics.

    Holy shit, the Clone Saga is in 12 volumes? Well, I’m looking forward to the next dozens of years of yearly reviews of this storyline.

  3. Desiree is pronounced “Dezzi-ray.” Armada’s plug’n’play harem didn’t meet the quota of non-phonetic girl names.

  4. Your doing Kain’s Spider Spider series?

  5. I laughed for a good while at the “Arson!” joke.

  6. Congrats on another anniversary! May you have much more (perfect for more of the Clone Saga 😉).


  8. “My specialty is the acquisition of special, hard-to-get items. Not weirdness like this.”
    What, weirdness like that isn’t a “special, hard-to-get item”?

    How did he try on all those costumes without having the money to get the materials to sew them all?
    That one costume actually does look a little like Amalgam’s Spider-Boy, incidentally.

  9. “Why not just make the 4 titles the same book?”

    Because they were aping the success of Superman and Batman who also had multiple interlocked titles to their name and also, if one bothers to check out the other titles released alongside Sensational #0 you’d notice that the 4 titles were gradually getting less and less interlocked as time went by.

    “The cover is BORING!”

    It’s giving you a clear shot of the new outfit whilst not involving other distracting elements in order to highlight the costume and make it impactful. It’s called minimalism.

    “What’s known as the Sensational costume”

    Nobody has ever called it that, it’s either called Spider-Girl’s costume or Spider-Ben’s costume.

    “Being Spider-Man has only ever resulted in good right ”

    Well…yeah it has. He’s saved countless lives and his mere presence as a crime fighter reduces the crime rate. It’s been shown people suffer when he isn’t out there being a hero.

    “Why didn’t you just use actual lockpicks?”

    Because maybe he doesn’t know how to pick locks and doesn’t need to carry around that equiptment when he has his robots with multiple functions to handle that for him?

    “Stick to simple stuff before you’re sure you have more resources”

    In an emergency Spider-Man may well need to expend a similar quantity of web-fluid in order to create web nets to catch himself, civilians or debris during battle. His web-shield (seen in the image) can also protect him from damage including bullets so testing the webbing can handle that stuff is vital.

    Moreover web-fluid doesn’t run out THAT fast. Making like three web shields doesn’t actually deplete too much from his over all supply.

    “The Daily Grind’s name is stupid because it reminds college kinds of the stress and lack of funds they endure”

    I’m pretty sure that the name was intentionally ironic.

    “Desiree is a douchebag”

    When she asks Ben to move tables sure. Just walking in though she’s just having some fun. Gwen and MJ weren’t that different back in the 1960s Spider-Man comics.

    “Armada’s helmet is goofy because of the wings on it!”

    Doesn’t Captain America and Thor’s costumes also involve headgear with wings on them?

    “Blonde people ALWAYS have money”

    It is obvious he was referring to his unkempt hair and beard, not the fact that his hair was a different colour

    “The story is repetitive because it bookends the issue with mentioning power and responsibility”

    Yeah…because as mentioned it was BOOKENDING the story. That’s you know…a legitimate thing to do.

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