The Son of Bigfoot – Projector

Things are getting a bit hairy for Film Brain as a boy discovers his unusually Sasquatch heritage in this animated adventure.

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  1. even if the movie did go there, I still don’t see what’s wrong with a FICTIONAL interspecies relationship. again, no one has a problem with Jenny and Vastra from Doctor Who.

    and no one has a problem with interspecies relationships that involve characters like Superman just because he LOOKS human. either complain how that relationship is bestiality too or don’t bring up interspecies relationships at all.

    the reason having sex with other species in real life is wrong is because animals cannot consent, but fictional animals can.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Not the same thing, false equivalency, try again.

      The whole “B-b-but nobody has a problem with Lois macking on Superman” argument is lame and doesn’t fly for a very simple reason: Supes, while not human, is still a SAPIENT BEING. Kryptonians were the dominant life forms on their home planet and were bipedal humanoids. It’s not the same thing as a furry quadriped creature. That’s why folks are OK with the notion of Lois Lane or Lana Lang wanting to forge a relationship with Kal-El, but they wouldn’t be OK with either of them wanting to boink Krypto or Captain Carrot.

      • Exactly. sentient aliens such as Kryptonians, while not technically human, aren’t beasts. Therefore, sex with a Kryptonian isn’t bestiality.

        @Devil’s Advocate: you’ve given inter-species sex a lot of thought for someone who claims to not be into it. I’m just sayin’…

      • and lots of animals in fiction are sapient too, so, it is the same. even Krypto has human thought.

        and what about the officially published alternate universe story were Squirrel Girl married Rocket Raccoon or that issue of Swamp Thing I brought up before about him and his human girlfriend? if I am just trying to justify my fetish then so were †hose professional comic book writers.

        also, from DC there is Dick Grayson and Starfire, the latter of whom is actually a feline, she is not even in the same evolutionary family as her boyfriend.

        and in the comics made of Star Trek, Sulu dated the cat woman from the Animated Series.

        • Who are you trying to convince? Me, or yourself? Because if you’re truly comfortable with what you are and what you like, then it shouldn’t matter if other people are into it or not. The fact that you try so desperately to justify your anthropomorphic animal fetish means that you’re actually embarrassed by it, which I don’t understand at all. If you have no problem discussing your fetish on a public forum, then you shouldn’t be embarrassed to openly admit that this *is* a fetish of yours.

          • forget I said the word fetish. I am just wondering why some people seem to have moral objections to relationships that include a sapient, bipedal animal person who is capable of consenting?

            so, it’s not about any embarrassment over a fetish but why people act like it’s comparable to real life bestiality when the fictional anthromorph being able to consent makes it a non issue.

            and back in his kid in King Arthur’s Court review, Doug used the justification of “it’s fiction” to lust over what was in the context of the movie inscest. so, at least for him, it seems interspecies don’t bug him for any moral reason but because he personally finds it icky. witch, why bring it up then?

  2. also, if four legged animals are definitely out, what about the many bipedal animal people in fiction? witch to be back on topic, is what Bigfoot would be if they made him the traditional ape man. if they exist, Bigfeet would probably be more like us physically then other apes.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I usually just tune out your stupid, long-winded tirades, but it was worth skimming through your drivel just to hear you FINALLY admit that you’re a furry, not that it was hard to figure out, seeing as how you embody every negative stereotype about furries.

      Namely, that furries are weirdos who not only feel like it’s OK to talk about what gets them off in everyday settings, but wear their perversion on them like a badge of honor instead of just shutting the frack up and realizing that everyone has some weird kink or another, that they aren’t special, that not only does nobody care, but many are also grossed out by not only what they enjoy, but their willingness to shove in others’ faces when no one asked them.

      Like what you want, but keep it to yourself already, because we don’t want to hear it, ever.

      Have a nice day.

    • Why do you always do this? Trying to justify your opinion by confirming that “a lot of people” agree with you? No one cares. Just because something that you like is liked by others, that doesn’t make your personal opinion any more of a fact.

      If you’re a furry, that’s fine. Keep on being a furry, but for the love of cake, stop trying to preach to everyone else that your fetish is perfectly normal. Again, NOBODY CARES!

  3. again, it isn’t about justifying a fetish, it’s me wondering why people act like this kind of thing is comparable to real life bestiality when the fictional, anthropomorphic animal in this case can consent, making it a non issue in the context of the fictional world.

    forget I used the word fetish and focus on that question.

  4. and when I said “those professional writers wrote interspecies relationship in stories too” I was saying they were NOT putting their fetish in a professional work and thus, neither am I trying to justify anything.

    • Blah, blah, blee, blah. You’re boring me now. Much like a neutered dog, you don’t get it. There’s no point in talking to you whatsoever, so instead, I’ll just give my opinion of this movie:

      Honestly, this doesn’t look very good. It looks like a film that you’d find in the bargain bin at Walmart, or on Cartoon Network at 2 in the afternoon.

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