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Some Jerk with a Camera joins the review, seeing why Nicolas Cage as Mickey Mouse surprisingly doesn’t work. Nostalgia Critic & Some Jerk take a look at, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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  1. This is going to sound very Geeky but I get annoyed that no one realizes that the story of the Mickey mouse short was from a poem by Goethe called The Sorcerer’s apprentice and the poem is what inspired the classical piece to begin with. Disney was a huge Goethe fan and the F. W. Murnau adaptation of Goethe’s Faust inspired scenes in Night on Bald Mountain and the village in Pinocchio as well.

  2. Bravo! Bonus points for the “Dresden Files lawsuit” line! Trivia: NIcolas Cage was actually producer of the short lived Dresden Files TV series. Some people believe Sorcerer’s apprentice was his way of doing a Dresden Files movie while the rights were still tied up with The Scifi channel / Syfy at the time.

  3. Jalen Washington

    Interesting fact about that “wasted villain” played by Nicole Ehinger. She’s Abigail Williams, the real-life person who was partially responsible for the Salem Witch Trials taking place. Considering that she’s a witch in this movie, they could’ve done something really interesting with her character.

  4. Wow, you really did some padding on this one, didn’t you?

  5. The dollar shave club is a joke right?


  6. SwedishMetalHead

    Critik! Next time Corey Taylor calls you you go and check thats him and go on the ice cream truck tour!

  7. Anyone else remember My Hometown? That terrible Canadian show where Jay Baruchel got his start.

    “In my home towwwnn..”

  8. I only realized now why the kid’s voice is so darn familiar – it is Hiccup from the Dreamworks Dragons movies and cartoon series! He kinda plays the same character here, too.

  9. I remember watching this movie, because the Magic: the Gathering site advertised the living hell out of it.
    I… didn’t hate it. I think it was an ok movie. The only thing that bothered me personally was that they were really, really fond of that OneRepublic song. Oh and that Magic really got a poor deal out of this. After weeks, maybe months of advertising on their side, all they got back for it was their product name showing on the background in an abandoned magic shop for like a minute.

    Other than that, I really loved this crossover! You guys should do more together!

  10. For some reason that freaky laughing woman reminded me of that fake laughing chick from Garbage Pale Kids. You think they’re related? XD

  11. Really nice review guys…but one thing you sadly left out….When Morgan la fey tries to free all those evil sorcerers from all over the world..that could have been the BEST cliffhanger to a movie,since in the sequel, they could have hunted down those evil sorcerers..but no…Disney said no……..i guess that was the sorcerers apprentice reboot….shame…..that scene looked awesome in theatre….

  12. Some Jerk With a Camera really sounds like he should be the son of the Grand Nagus.

  13. I worked on some of the CG on this and it was one of the worst jobs I’ve had. Glad I never bothered to watch the movie

  14. 0:06 Well I guess it’s better than starting a patreon.

  15. Jay Baruchel was too good for this movie.

  16. Hilarious review, and there’s some good chemistry right there.

  17. I knew that would be the real Corey Taylor. I don’t think I’ve heard of him, though. I’m not familiar with Slipknot. The first ten minutes of this were the best. It was still an overall great review. You seem to be selling yourself out more.

  18. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I personally love this movie, but I respect your opinion.

  19. Honore de Ballsack

    Sake isn’t Chinese, it’s Japanese!
    I’m sick to death of movies where ugly dorky guys have girlfriends who look like professional models.

  20. I mean, I’m not opposed to have sponsors and stuff, but… Dollar shaving stuff ? Really..?

  21. I love these sketch openings

  22. -I like Fantasia but i do not like Micky Mouse
    -Cage is good he is in good movies
    -This movie is great there are some things that i do not like but its fine and Cage is great in it
    -Pirates 4 is really nice
    -There are to many love interests in movies
    -She laughs cause she has depression
    -Cage is playing a Sorcerer that lived for many years he has grown wiser not stupider
    -Stop closing your mind for possibilities that is why humans are dumb. Medachlorians are easy to understand
    -It is its own movie

  23. I just recently watched Walt Disney’s 1940 Fantasia on my Blu Ray disc and I dream and wish it could have at least a limited nation or world-wide theatrical release and I could hired and filmed on camera as a sort of genuine historical lecturer for 5 to 10 minutes or maybe less much like Leonard Maltin on DVD does sometimes before the actual movie begins because just like you hilarious freakos I love this animated all-time classic. But The Fantasiars?! I mean wow! Jared Leto by the way was never in any Disney-based Marvel Cinematic Universe movie I’m sure you know that.

  24. Hey Doug, here’s a rather modest joke for you or Malcolm might definitely remember, “Hey Leopold or Mr.Stokowski why are you are you so black? and you reply, because I like being all black” and then you Doug respond by saying “Well you and most of white suburbia.”

  25. Gee Critic maybe you should review Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm (2005).

  26. Yeah review The Brothers Grimm, do that someday.

  27. Why does Horvath have a sonic cane? Is he a Time Lord?

    Actually, he does kinda look (and act) like Roger Delgado as the Master. Can I have a headcannon for a movie I’ve never seen, have no intention of ever seeing, and don’t care about?

  28. Here’s what I would do;
    set it in medieval times, make the Sourcere’s Apprentice scene more important rather than something they could cut out without losing anything plot-wise, turn it into a lesson about not casting spells you’re no ready for, have mickey practice the broom spell on a smaller scale so he can also practice reversing it, and then have Mickey actually use the Broom spell on a wooden weapon of some sort and tell it “get him” and then the bad guy destroys it, only for us to hear “Da da da da dum… DUM…. da da da dum… dum dum dadada dum dadum dudada dum dadum dadadada”

    Yeah I know it’s a bit predictble, but it would show more respect for the source material than a Dresden Files ripoff that only has one scene that even vaguely resembles the cartoon or the original story.

    The story should grown OUT from the source, not created regardless of the source and then throw in an adaptation at the last minute and do it badly. You know you screwed up when the Mickey Mouse cartoon feels like a horror movie and your version feels like Flubber. Hell, if you have to tie the story back to an ancient legend, why Merlin? Why not, you know, the Sourcerer’s Apprentice?

    And how the hell did he miss? Why was he even going for the broom strings with an axe? you cut the broom STICK with an axe. You cut the STRINGS with scisors. And when you have a broom caught with one hand and an axe with the other, you don’t try and hit the only part of the brook that can still move.

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