The Star Wars #4 – AT4W

The big controversy of Star Wars – was Han Solo Alec Holland first?

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  1. I didn’t mean to be first. Sorry.

    Alright, let’s take a look at The Star Wars #4: A New Hope. …Wait, what?

    We saw Yoda ride one of those ostrich things in the Clone Wars micro series; the 2-D animated one, not the 3-D animated regular series, just to avoid confusion.

    6:27- And Dr. Evazan wishes that he and Ponda Baba stayed in Jedah City when the Death Star destroyed it. …I had to make a Rogue One joke SOMEWHERE.

    7:01- In speaking of Star Wars paying homage to a DC Comics property, George Lucas got the idea of the first movie from reading The New Gods.

    8:43- And Trump approves of this form of torture. …God, help us all.

    If anyone is interested in getting a resent copy of The Star Wars, it can be found in the Marvel Epic Collection’s Star Wars: Infinites, which also includes the Star Wars Infinite Trilogy, which are alternate versions of each episode of The Original Trilogy.

  2. This version of Star Wars is so odd… and kinda boring. Hmm…

  3. That title card… Old Gregg, what???

  4. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Was it absolutely essential that Kane kill himself? They couldn’t have found another power unit anywhere in that whole city? Whatever, it’s one less character to deal with. Although it is kind of odd that after pairing down the number of characters Lucas then decided to add one by making Han human and turning the alien aspect of his character into Chewbacca. I guess he wanted an alien in the mix so the group wouldn’t be all humans.

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