The Star Wars #5 – AT4W

The poorly-conceived romance strikes back!

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  1. “It’s a stun device. What’s unethical about that?”
    Maybe he’s concerned that he stole it and was considering putting it back before the owner missed it.

  2. Being the big Star Wars fan that I am, I’ve already done my yearly tradition of watching the entire Star Wars Saga (Episodes I-VII so far) around May 25th, the day Episode IV was released back in 1977.

    3:45- Listen, Lewis, don’t start off with your White Zone shit again.

    4:13- Damn you, Emperor Trump, and your Jedi ban!

    I love your replica of Cobra Commander’s respirator from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

    In speaking of designing the Millennium Falcon, for it’s appearance on film, George Lucas had in mind “the shape of a hamburger with a bite out of it to make it look different than the standard round UFO shape that everybody was familiar with.”

    10:30- And people think Anakin not liking sand for logical reasons is annoying.

    I agree that this issue of The Star Wars isn’t on par with the previous 4. At least I’m currently reading the Rogue One prequel novel, “Guardians of the Whills,” and it’s so far pretty good.

    15:40- I actually used to own a copy of The New Avengers/Transformers.

  3. Your text crawl was perfect this time. Yeah, you’re right about the romance. It’s so odd. At least Anakin didn’t try and choke Padme until AFTER he was evil. Also, your acting has gotten pretty darn good, Linkara! O.O

  4. Everyone of us is important, huh?! Even a certain political figure running the looney bin behind the White House?

    • I’m amazed really, how I get 5 thumbs down because I addressed one example of a person who is far from important, and indeed has only caused more problems.

      But okay, I will take this as an act of humility; but what I want to know is, why is this wrong?

  5. What would a dinner date in the Star Wars universe be like…….?

  6. I love your new mask Linkara

  7. Wow, the scene after the credits took up a fourth of the whole review! That must be a record! Well, you had to have that to make it long. You really were passionate at the end. A pity the Nostalgia Critic lacks continuity and doesn’t have to deal with this. I thought this was just a knockoff “Star Wars” product.

  8. I’ve always wondered about your thing about not reviewing trade covers. This gives a little more reason for it, though honestly I still find it unsatisfying – I love your reviews, and would love to see the covers reviewed, trade or no.

    I loved that green screen joke. 😀

    You credit Finalé as the piece of music you used.
    I take it’s that’s Finalé from The Empire Strikes Back, as opposed to Finalé from Return Of The Jedi?

  9. ManWithGoodTaste

    Thank you for NOT abandoning something and sticking with it.

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