The Talos Principle: Parts 1-2 – Lotus Prince

The game seems simple enough: solve puzzles and enter the next area. However, the lore that explains the world we exist in is what makes this game particularly interesting. We’ll even later discover the meaning of the game’s title. Welcome to The Talos Principle.

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.

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I heard about this game and I think it’s neat. Unfortunately I don’t think Lotus Prince’s computer is handling the game too well; the movement looks kinda janky.


I’m pretty religious so this is an interesting start to this game. I also love robots and stories about them so this is doubly interesting.

If I were the main character in this game, I would probably believe what Elohim says… until he glitched out in Part 3. O.O

Been meaning to look into this game, it looks quite interesting so far. Looking forward to learning more about its world. 🙂 A few things I noticed that seem pretty interesting. The game acknowledges in the first instalment that Elohim is technically plural. It’s possibly a bit obscure, but it does tie into a particular historical idea that the ancient Israelites were originally polytheistic (thus why the Egyptian priests could mimic Moses’ miracles and why the commandment is “no other gods before me”, which to my understanding also carries the implications of other secondary gods in ancient Hebrew), so I’m… Read more »