The Talos Principle: Parts 6-8 – Lotus

More puzzle solving, and more debating with the MLA!

We unlock the most intimidating tool in the game, and witness the majesty of World C!

We take a look at a mysterious island level, and discover what we need to beat the game!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. That letter about the rich lady reminds me of why I never want to be rich. At the minimum, I want to be working class (which I am) and at the maximum, upper middle class. I just want enough money for the basics and some weekend fun because if you go further than that, you spend time working and you can’t enjoy your money and free time and yeah, I don’t understand the point in that. Also, I believe that the soul is the whole live person or even animal.

    I like how the music kicked in when you looked at the snake lamp. Also, I was wondering if this game would have a devil aspect to it. It hasn’t really come up until this part.

    Truth be told: I can’t tell if I like this game or not but it is certainly entertaining for how much philosophy it has in it since that’s not really my thing.

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