The Talos Principle: Parts 9-11 – Lotus

It’s time to do some cleanup. We’ll start with World A!

We work on World B, and get a lot of stuff done!

We work hard on World B, and have another talk with the MLA!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. The whole game reminds me very much of the dark tower by king. There are a lot of interesting parallels. That response at 16:30 really hit home: “There may be no worlds but this one” where Jake says in the book something like “there are other worlds than these”. Guess the story writer was a fan of king ^^

  2. Shepherd in Part 10 had a bit of Joker logic there.

    In Part 11, I would have picked “What happened to the person I was talking to?”.

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