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A cyborg is sent back through time to kill the mother of its greatest enemy before he’s ever born. SF Debris takes a look at The Terminator.

Part 2

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  1. Great video. I loved this movie back in the 80’s, and only one sequel could ever do it justice.

  2. The T-1000 and T-X had no organic parts. How did time travel work with them?

    I don’t think calling the Terminator a cyborg is correct. It’s organic parts are just a covering that act as camouflage. Data in First Contact is more of a cyborg since he at least had sensory input from the skin that was grafted onto him.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I was very interested to see this review since I haven’t ever seen thee movie and was excited to experience it with you. That experience was fofilled wonderful review. I can’t wait till you doo t2 that should be a cool one. I think the effects are dated but impressive enough but too bad after judgement day the series went totally down hill.

    Next week is robotic I’ve only seen mikejs review of the third one and it should be cool to see a review of the first one and I’ll probably watch back to the future when it comes on tv. I’ve seen my dad watching those movies a lot but ive only seen bits and pieces so better catch up!!!

  4. Another thought, Kyle Reese has been running around through most of the movie wearing a dirty, soiled, wino’s pants. If he could still score… Man.

  5. Great break through, man, many “grats” to you, I realy appreciate theese kind of work.

  6. Gas for 40 cents a liter… what a fantasy world.

  7. Great review, but this videoplayer sucks.

  8. What’s with the description? On your site, it continues with ” and thus delivering the ultimate “yo mamma” joke”.

  9. Good stuff. I’m really digging the detailed “how it happened” origin aspect before the review proper. I won’t lie though, while Terminator and T2 are great movies, I’m extremely hyped for RoboCop.

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