The Tick Season 1 Part 1 – Honest Review

The Big Blue Bastion of Benevolence is Back!!!

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  1. I hope the show becomes popular enough that it will motivate Fox Kids to finally release the ENTIRE animated show on DVD.

    That story about Townsend is awesome. The only way it would have been more awesome is if he had recorded his missive in the voice of The Tick.

  2. What the heck? I never relate gore to The Tick. Just me? Okay. Then again, I only saw the animated show. Still, I would at least try watching this show if I had Amazon Prime.

  3. First, I’d like to say, I would love it if they would one day bring back Oedipus. Second, I actually wish they had cast Terry Crews as the Tick. Third, I would be thrilled if this site stopped trying to load a billion ads at once.

  4. Oh no! Erod criticized Zack Snyder’s Superman! No one tell Goat Boy!

  5. Erod, ever since I saw your review I had the perfect casting in mind for two od the heroes if they ever get the rights for them. For American Maid, they should cast Lucy Lawless as I feel she’d be the perfect choice for the no non sense ass kicking star spangled house cleaner, and for Die Fighter Mouse, they should get Bruce Campbell as I think he would be perfect tge non professional, snarky, cowardly “Superhero” much like Autolycles the King of thieves.

    • It’s “De Fledermaus”, German for “The Bat”.

      It’s was cool how Townsend Coleman contacted Erod to speak out in defense of Mickey Dolenz. I was informed years ago that the reason why Mr. Dolenz left the series after season 1 was because he joined the reunion tour of The Monkees and wouldn’t return in time for the start of The Tick, season #2, and not because he was difficult to work with. That’s a good guy, there.

  6. I never watch the original but I really like this show (what I discovered by coincidence not so far ago). Good job.

    PS: I also love how they suggest that Tick may be personification of Arthur inner heroism via some weird latent superpower he has (I wounder if that also play role in case of The Terror?).

    PSS: I also think that there is some weird connection between The Terror and Superion. Though I’m not sure what exactly it is..

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