The Tick The Animated Series – Honest Review

Before The New Tick Series premiers on Amazon Video ERod Takes the time to talk about the cartoon that introduced The Big Blue Bug to Mainstream Audiences.

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  1. Yes! I LOVED this show as a kid. I didn’t know there was any more media for The Tick until I happened to look it up earlier this year. I used to stay up all night as a kid just to catch the reruns on Jetix, I think it was. Still, I learned a lot from this video about the background of The Tick.

  2. Very nice, this video answered all lingering questions I had about the show. I own the DVDs for season 1 and 2 and had no way of accounting for how the moon got more cheesed up all of a sudden. I remember digging around for season 3 though, and could have sworn I saw like a European copy of it floating around. I suppose it’s better than me chasing a scam of a DVD that doesn’t exist, or is made only through some cheap and lazy bootleg.

  3. Fan theory I came up with this second;

    “The” is a Native American word for “Why is your finger so pale?”

    Makes as much sense as anything else.

  4. Erod.
    If you started doing all of your reviews like this I would be satisfied. I’m not really digging your other format. It just doesn’t feel right to see you beating up characters that can’t help being like they are because that’s how they were written and directed. … It’s not their fault that they suck. It’s the fault of the writers, producers, directors and studio suits that screw things up beyond reason.

    Think about it, dude.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Um, you know those guys are just actors in costumes, right? You’re entitled to prefer whichever format you prefer, but saying “I feel sorry for those folks cosplaying as fictional characters” is, frankly, kind of silly. He could beat up on a bunch of writers, producers and directors, but that wouldn’t have the same impact since Joe Average Moviegoer doesn’t know who most of those people are or what they look like. The new format is basically the same as riffing on a bad movie, only taking it one step further by actually interacting with it.

      • If you would care to reread my comment you’ll discover that I never said “I feel sorry for those folks cosplaying as fictional characters”. What I said was “It just doesn’t feel right to see you beating up characters that can’t help being like they are”. Saying that something doesn’t feel right is different than actually feeling for either characters or the actors playing the characters.

        You do bring up an interesting idea though. I might actually like seeing him go after the writers, producers and directors that were behind the bad movies and their poor characters. It makes more sense to go after the source/s rather than the characters themselves. Though that would bring about the problem of how exactly he would do that since physically attacking those people would just be like childish violence and toning things down doesn’t fit the Blockbuster Buster character.
        It’s a conundrum. – Adjust the show to make sense or keep a format that doesn’t make sense to retain the character?

        • The Real Silverstar

          There’s no conundrum; Erod’s doing what he wants to do with his character and his show. I personally didn’t have a problem with his original format, but he clearly wanted to change things up, and since it’s his show, well, the Captain’s word is law.

          When I launch my video show, I’ll do what I want on it, and should you ever decide to start creating content online, you’ll do what you want to do. You may not agree with his artistic choices, but since you have no say in the production, your only options are either accepting the creator’s choices or cease clicking on their content.

          • It is true that there is no “real conundrum” as Erod will do as he pleases and what he pleases is to keep the character he has created regardless of the sense, or lack of sense, that comes with it in the typical formats he puts the BB in.
            I only spoke out because it seems somewhat hypocritical to talk about how certain movies and shows were put together without a lot of sense while his own format also lacks a certain degree of sense with the character he chooses for it.

            But I guess you are right in the end. I can’t direct or influence his creative choices. I seriously doubt he even reads comments to his videos anymore as it’s been over two years since I’ve seen any comments from him on these boards.

          • I mean, yeah, in the sense that literally anyone can do what they want and not give a shit about what the people who watch it think. But people who want to have more than a small, hardcore group of them should probably take general viewer opinion into consideration.

            Especially when this isn’t the first time he’s gone through this whole situation. He came onto channel awesome all cocky and projecting a huge ego, it turned people off, he started doing more honest and approachable reviews, people responded positively and his viewerbase grew.

    • The main reason why I would suggest that Erod abandon his current format would be financial. I don’t feel sorry for the characters, but I imagine that hiring those actors to play the parts can’t be cheap. If Erod is truly working on a budget, then perhaps “going big” isn’t the best idea right now.

      Similarly, I know that Erod feels (or felt at the time) that he needs to alter his format in order to stay relevant, but there’s an old adage that I think applies here: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

  5. The Real Silverstar

    I’m showing my age here, but I actually saw this show on Fox Kids; I didn’t encounter it firsthand on Jetix or home video. Just call me The Ancient One.

    Anyways, I dug The Tick. One of the reasons I’m not a big superhero guy is because the genre has a tendency to take itself far too seriously when the whole concept of people with crazy magic powers thwarting super-freaks while wearing gimmicky themed costumes and code names is already silly as all get-out, so The Tick was a great deconstruction of that whole genre. My favorite shows are the ones which embrace their own big dopey silliness and just run with it.

    I’m surprised Erod didn’t mention that Chairface Chippendale and his goons were parodies of Dick Tracy villains.

  6. This was such a weird cartoon. I remember there was a villain called ChairHead or something like that, and in one episode he tried to write his name on the moon, and he only got to the letters CHA before being stopped by the Tick. Anyway, every time you’d see the moon on the show after that, there would be the letters. Impressive level of continuity for a Saturday morning cartoon.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Um, did you not watch this video? His name was Chairface Chippendale, and Erod covered all that. As was also mentioned, in a later episode “Alone Together”, Tick is sent into space to try and remove the letters with explosive, but only succeeds in removing the C. In the same episode, after Tick convinces Omnipotus (a spoof of Galactus) to not eat the Earth, he goes off but as he leaves he takes a bite out of the moon, and we see the bite mark for the remainder of the series. In fact, in the episode “Bloomsday”, a radio is playing a song called “I’d take a Bite Out of the Moon For You”!

  7. I’m surprised that Erod didn’t mention that in the last episode “The Tic VS Education”, one of the superheroes-in-training was the Flying Squirrel (voiced by SNL alum Laraine Newman) who was on obvious parody of the Marvel comics character Squirrel Girl.

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