The Top 6 Most Haunting Songs in Hip-Hop

Rap Critic steps down this October for a new entity to emerge with 6 rap songs that he DARES you to put on your Halloween playlist.

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  1. i’m sorry RC except Dance with the devil the other songs weren’t all that. mainly because the rhyme structures were too basic, Immortal tech the god tho.

  2. Flatlinez motherfucker

  3. Holy shit dude. I had never listened to Dance with the Devil… but I just did and it made me cry. Woah.

  4. I love it when you talk about Tyler the Creator, though I’m not a big fan of She.

  5. havent looked through your stuff yet but have you talked about Horrorcore? like all that hip hop horror music?

  6. sorry i mean maybe you could do a full video about horrorcore maybe history and such.

  7. Just listened to Dance with the Devil… that’s probably the first song to ever make me kind of tear up because of how horrible an haunting it is… it was still just fantastic though, especially with that creepy sample to enhance the atmosphere.

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