The Top 8 Best Rap Songs of 2015 – Rap Critic

Yay! Time to talk about the stuff I like! (…I swear it’ll still be funny!)

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  1. Have you ever heard of/ do you listen to Death Grips?

  2. I have to say RC, that I respectfully disagree with your call for number one, I think “Aw Yeah?” is more deserving of the number one spot. Tech is rapping not just about injustice but I think just about anyone who’s ever lost someone can relate to his anguish over the death of his mother. On the other hand Kendrick, whilst shining a light on the depths of alcoholic depression, ultimately comes off as self indulgent and narcissistic. The disjointed-mess of the music is another thing, while I understand the production choice as a matter of artistic expression, I just don’t care of it, but then again, I don’t care for alcoholics either, due to a personal experience and I generally try to avoid them (and their artistic offspring).

    Great List otherwise, and I can’t believe I never heard Beast Mode, I checked it out on your recc and you don’t oversell it, this sh*t is hype! Thanks!

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I have Spotify and its most popular for when you want to listen to an album but don’t actually wanna pay for it and tonight I will gladly listen to pimp a butterfly. I’ll also definitely listen to any of the songs mentioned here. Another great list and I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes downtown by macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

  4. Wow, another 2015 list. Yay, despite being 15 days late. I like the guys’ eyes from 7? It makes him stand out. That’s cool. #6 is the only rap song that I listened to 2015 (the clean version that is). Maybe because I like silly stuff and rock so it hit all the right chords for me. LOL. You almost had me for #3. Nice prank. 😀 #2 & #1 were… WOAH. O.O

  5. Yeah, RAP CRITIC!!

  6. Awesome. ^_^ Love listening to your thoughts. (Although you’re a bastard for that Drake fake!)

  7. What’s that red thing peeking into shot to RC’s right side?
    It’s really distracting me.

  8. God… Hopsin is so good. I love his music so much.

  9. One of my pet peeves is when people misquote the scripture, “For the LOVE of money(in other words, greed) is the root of all evil.” It’s not the money that is evil, but loving money more than people so much that you will do heinous things in order to get that money no matter how it ruins the lives of those around you. For example, you could get a legal job or make fast money by being a drug dealer. The legal job won’t pay as much as selling drugs, but the life of a drug dealer is extremely risky, dangerous, and at times deadly. But some people see that fast drug dealing money and risk their freedom, and risk their lives and the lives of their family, friends, and even strangers just to get that fast money.

  10. Man, I love watching your reviews. I enjoy how you analyze the lyrics. This is a good list here. I’ll have to check out the ones I didn’t recognize and give them a listen. Oh, and yes, your review was funny too! <3

  11. Sorry dude but this list is cringe worthy. So many great rap songs out there and this includes Hopsin and Tech n9ne?

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