The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2011

Lets see how Todd humiliates himself this year.

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  1. Okay, maybe I’m bias since I worked retail for a long while and had this song pumped into my brain every single fucking DAY, multiple times, when I was on shift since it’s apparently mandatory for shops to just tune into the crappiest local radio station that only plays, at best, 7 songs that they loop all day…

    But I HATE AND DESPISE that song “Fuck You” that you put at number one here.
    I hate the whiney, stupid-sounding screeching sound that comes out of that singer’s noise hole. I hate the immaturity. I hate the fucking ridiculous toddler-temper-tantrum he throws in the middle of the song when he yells “WHHYYYYYY I LOVE YOOOUUUU!!! I DOO-OOO-OOOOO!!!” which just makes me want to punch his stupid pudgy face.

    I do not see what everyone else sees in that song, but I dreaded every time that sucky black hole of music came onto the radio and I’d be forced to sit through it for the duration D:<

    The rest of the list, though, I loved. And I really do enjoy your videos a lot 😀

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