The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1976

Some of the worst from 1976.

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  1. Todd wants to know how Starland Vocal Band became so famous? As someone who was alive at the time, I can tell Todd in exactly two words why :John Denver. Taffy Nivert and Bill Danoff (the blond girl & the goofy darkhaired guy in the glasses in SVB)were a married couple who were good friends with John Denver and co-wrote his first monster hit, Take Me Home,Country Roads in 1971, and even sang those awesome background vocals on the track as the group ‘Fat City’. Bill & Taffy frequently appeared on Denver’s tv specials,including a series of 6 shows he did for the bbc in the UK in 1973 & his first US special in 1974. In 1975, Denver was one of the biggest recording artists in the world in 1975,outselling Elton John & David Bowie. He formed Windsong Records as a way to discover new talent & promote his fellow performers from the folkie circuit. With Jon Carroll & Margot Chapman,they formed the Starland Vocal Band & Denver’s producer,Milt Okun,who had produced other big names like Peter Paul & Mary produced the track. It was Denver’s way of thanking them for giving him his first big break. Denver continued to record songs by his fellow Coloradian Danoff right until his death. Taffy & Bill are divorced, but the royalties from Country Roads kept them fed for many years. When Denver faded from superstardom in the 1980s,they kind of went with him. Buut that’s the kind of clout 1975’s John Denver had. So blame JD for unleashing that awful song on the world. He repaid a favour out of kindness & unknowingly doomed us all. Which reminds me,why don’t you do this song on One Hit Wonderland? There’s even loads of footage of Taffy & Bill with JD on Youtube, so you’ve got lots of info to use. Just be grateful you’re not a Gen Xer who lived through the song’s origin when it was ALL over the radio. Yikes.

  2. “Convoy” was awesome. You know what C.W. McCall did that actually sucked? His follow-up to “Convoy” that’s what.

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