The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2004

The year was 2004: Kanye was big, we were at war with Afghanistan, an incumbent president won re-election despite intense hatred from the opposing party, there was a lot of lousy music… man, things sure have changed!

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  1. Apparently, singing like an asthmatic goat was key to success in 2004. Lloyd, Eamon, even Stevie Nicks had a Christmas duet with Chris Isaak that year that charted.

  2. I remember exactly where I was when it was announced Bush won his second election: The Walt Disney Concert Hall watching Brian Wilson on his Smile tour.

    He’d opened the set with various hits and whatnot. He even led the audience in a round of Row Row Row Your Boat. Take that, Shatner! Also, I guess “Conducted By Brian Wilson” can go on my resume now.

    It was intermission, and the election results came on one of the various screens. Being part of a region that wasn’t too favorable toward Dubbya outside mid and south Orange County, there was a very down air around the room. I actually saw someone’s wife crying. Thankfully there was a brilliant counterpoint to this bad news waiting after we took our seats again: We got to watch Brian Wilson and his band perform the entirety of Smile. I’m still very fortunate to have been exactly where I was that night, because it’s exactly what I and my family needed. I actually put on the DVD concert from London that came with my CD of it at times I need a good pick-me-up.

  3. Before I ask this question, I just want to clarify that I am NOT trying to start a war here, I am NOT bagging on the critics, I am NOT tone deaf or anything. I AM JUST A CURIOUS LISTENER

    • When I ask: Why does everyone hate Nickelback so much?

      Sure, they’re not the best band in the world, no, I know they’re not. But they definitely aren’t the worst I’ve ever heard. I actually like most of the songs that got featured on MTV back in the day. I like the song Someday.

      It’s just that, everytime I ask someone to explain to me why they hate their music, all they can ever say is “They’re just an awful band”. That’s it! That can’t be all that sets people against them, that they’re music just sounds bad. That can’t be the only reason they generate so much hate.

      So someone, please calmly explain to me why this band is so hated. Please don’t just yell at me that I don’t know good music, or that I’m just stupid (gotten those answers in the past too). I just want an honest opinion here, because even Todd didn’t get the point of why he hates them across to me in this video.

      • I don’t understand it either. Here in Australia, the hate is quieter but still prominent.

        I’ve heard a few reasons, mainly the lead singer’s gravelly voice. I laugh when I hear people say this, because at least in my area, deep & dragging voices are really, really common!

        Another thing is their lyrical stylings. Nickelback have never been great at deep and thought-provoking lyricism, or really getting across the meaning of the song. But honestly, it’s getting better. Just don’t ask Chad to write a love song. Ever.

        I actually kinda like Nickelback, at least some of the time. ‘Savin’ Me’ is good, as well as ‘Rockstar’, which is my personal favorite from the band.

      • There are a few reasons; like Todd said, they have recycled previous songs of theirs practically in their entirety, more than just the two he mentioned. They have almost no artistic development across their decades-long career, they take themselves way too seriously despite having no sense of humor or fun (which is apparently a saving grace of classic “big dumb hooks”-style rawk and roll; I’m not a fan, so I can’t say), they’re more aggressively misogynistic than their predecessors and even a lot of their contemporaries, and Chad’s voice is a huge sticking point for a lot of people. AllMusic’s reviews go into more detail, but that’s the best summary I can give.

      • Why does everyone hate Nickelback so much? is not a valid question. All you need are ears to determine why they are so terrible.

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