The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2016 (Part 1 & 2) – Todd in the Shadows

Was it really the worst year ever? …Yes. Yes, it was.

Part 2 of this horrible year.

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  1. Already 2017 is worse than 2016. UGH. D: I agree with you on Jumpman. I didn’t realize that it was supposed to be about basketball. My mom loves that song. I’ve never heard of most of those Part 1 songs like the Daya song, the Ruth B song (although I knew of it), the Machine Gun Kelly song, and the Juju on the Beat song. Lastly, I loved your transition.

    Just Like Fire was actually on my best of the year list. O.O I am neutral on the Treat You Better song. I think it’s super corny and not in the fun way but harmless. I am okay with One Call Away, Unsteady, Love Yourself, 7 Years, and Me, Myself and I. I only knew about Don’t Let Me Down because of one of your earlier videos. Haha. The same goes for Pillowtalk. I’ve never heard of Close, Scars to Your Beautiful, or Hate U, Love U. I haven’t heard many new songs on the radio so my worst would, by default, would either be Side to Side or the Work at Home song.

  2. Well, let’s see… Trump is president, all of the great celebrities died, and for some reason, I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit much.

    10. Whoa, you’re right, they do sound similar…

    9. Good thing my headphones are keeping my IQ from leaking out my ears. I like that I’m not the only one thinking Mario here. 😛

    8. What should be asked is “Who is Ruth B?” Really, I don’t quite know who she is.

    7. Did they just ruin a Fast Ball song? What the actual fresh hell is this garbage?!

    6. I never used Vine, so I was spared from this stupidity. What does Juju even mean??

    5. Eww… (?) =A=

    4. Damn you Chainsmokers, damn you hacks to the pits of Hell! As for Daya, NEVER work with those specific kind of artists EVER again.

    3. Eww…! >A< I would rather listen to the 70's song, too. =_=

    2. I hate you too, Gnash and Olivia, you pretentious dogs. Not even tsunderes had such petty-poop problems!

    1. Perfect choice, Todd. The cheesy, pretentious lyrics make me want to use a Q-tip to puncture my ear drums.

    M: When I found out that Charlie Puth sang One Call Away… what?? I also dislike Just Like Fire and Me, Myself & I due to how annoying they sound.

    • Oh come ON! Not you too! Didn;t ANYIONE here have a good year? I had a GREAT year! I got a job I actually liked, I had a great summer and my Christmas was much better than last year! Ok, so we lost a lot of celebrities. We lost a lot of them in 2004 too, remember? 2004 was a bad year for celebrities too!

  3. How all these cheesy pop artists going to make songs about Lost Boys, knowing none of them will ever be able to tough “Cry Little Sister”?

  4. lilith_ascennding

    I actually love Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” but I also like the occasional soft song. As for “Love Yourself”, I honestly love the (slightly more vulgar) Halsey cover of the song. I think it has a prettier sound, and contains more of the “venom” Todd was talking about (changing the title from “Love Yourself” to “Fuck Yourself” definitely helps). Here:

  5. I’m actually a little surprised that Starboy by The Weeknd didn’t make this list or even the honorable mentions, but most of this list is definitely justified. The song at number 2 isn’t what I’d classify as rapping, but that’s mostly because it never occurred to me that it was supposed to be rap since it just lacks conviction. I don’t care much for the rap genre but it usually has a lot more heart to it than that.

  6. I agree mostly with this. A lot of terrible songs with mumble meme rappers are just unlistenable. Future does have some great material though.

    Also am a huge fan of Don’t Let Me Down. I can’t defend it, but I love it. Lucas Graham song is indeed bad and your ‘worst 2 seconds’ part was spot on.

    My predictions for your top 10 best list:

    Cold Water (I hope at least)
    Cheap Thrills
    Let Me Love You
    Sucker for Pain
    This Is What You Came For
    Starboy or I Feel It Coming
    I Took a Pill in Ibiza
    Too Good or One Dance

  7. 2016 seems to be a disappointing year of music. Not a slight against Todd, but all the music choices here seem weak and lifeless compared to the worst songs of earlier years. They don’t seem to pack as much reaction from Todd compared to the songs from 2015 and earlier. There’s no “WTF” value going on compared to the bad songs of yore. The only songs that got that on this list seem to be #5 and #1.

    I guess I would blame this on the industry. Perhaps they thought people were getting sick of the high energy musicians like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj and felt that they needed to take a slower, quieter step. And unfortunately, their definition of “quiet” is “taking a trudge through the thickest mud after a week of no sleep”.

    2016 seems like the year music decided to stay home in their pajamas and do fuck all for 366 days.

  8. Huh. Usually I watch this videos partially to find some new great music, because unlike I don’t really care about lyrics all that much AND because I don’t mind depressing melodies Todd tend to criticize… But this top was painful to listen. I actually started skipping the music parts a few times – that’s how bad it was.

    Damn that was some shitty music. And it all sounded the same.

  9. To add something, besides the meme rappers I thought 2016 was pretty enjoyable for pop music.

  10. The only memorable thing about the song “7 Years” is that it was my best friend’s favorite song of the year. She would play that song in a loop all the time.

    …I’m no longer friends with her in any sense or form mostly because she turned into money-hungry self-righteous ungrateful human being in 2016. So now this song will forever be connected to something awful. (Well even more than it actually was by itself…)

  11. I think this list pretty much perfectly describes how this year went. Though I am surprised Work From Home wasn’t mentioned at all for the worst list, given Todd’s hatred of Worth It.

    For me personally Work From Home is the absolute worst song of this year. Nothing will sound more disgusting to me than five untalented singers trying to get some poor guy fired from his job just so they can have sex more often. Absolutely worthless, and I will not be upset if Fifth Harmony just stopped making hits suddenly.

  12. I love you man, I was right up with you all the way to the end. That last one I just don’t agree with. 7 years old imo is a rather good song. It has structure and heart. it makes you feel nostalgic, and at least for me makes me want to go out of do more with my life. Everything else on this list though, yeah pure garbage.

  13. Really you use a Phineas and Ferb refer to describe last year as open title hmm has one thing to say about that! Nice very nice indeed 😁🕶

  14. During March Madness they’ve been playing this commercial with a stripped down acoustic verion of “Don’t Let Me Down,” and, to my surprise, without that awful squelchy electronic sound, and without Daya (I think)… I kind of like it.

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