The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2017 – Todd in the Shadows

Good riddance, 2017.

Part 2

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  1. I feel like Taylor Swift is finally getting the positioning she deserves on this list.

    • I agree. Although I feel “Ready for it?” would have had much stronger impression for me if it was done by someone other than Taylor Swift. She 100% does not have that fire spitting quality that this song clearly calls for.

  2. At first I was a little shocked that 1-800 was mentioned for the worst list, but after what you said, both you and I had the same thing we disliked about it. Just those four words, but especially that “Whoo!” You are in a song about depression and suicide, and the rapper’s (or the stuffed shirt executive’s) idea was to add a party-party tasteless Whoop? This was a great song otherwise, but that one line was the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Figures by Jessie Reyez is my number one pick for worst song of the year. If you haven’t heard it Todd, consider yourself lucky.

  4. I hope you’re doing a best of as well. I actually liked Thunder but I didn’t love it. Same for Believer. What Lovers Do IS kinda catchy. I didn’t know there was a guest verse on it though. I used to like Beyoncé but she’s not fun anymore. I’ve never heard of Perfect. I think I Don’t Want to Live Forever is smoother than Pillow Talk at least but Zayn’s music isn’t my thing.

    I agree that Gucci Gang and Ready for It deserve to be on this list. Hey! Both Shape of You and Look What You Made Me Do are on my best of 2017 list. Shape reminds me of a boy next door girl next door relationship. I don’t find it sexy. I’ve never heard of Body Like a Back Road before. It gets you pumped up for exercise or just to face the day. I’ve never heard 1-800-273-8255 or Swalla but I know OF them. I’ve never heard of Issues, Rolex, or Slow Hands. What About Us and Starving are bland.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “I hope you’re doing a best of as well. ”

      He more than likely is. Todd does a Best and Worst list every year, the Worst list typically comes first.

  5. Of course it would be the case… I am curious to know what this “algorithm” is.

    10. This doesn’t sound like alt-rock to me. I’m used to that genre sounding hard and tough as nails, like “Kryptonite” from 3 Doors Down. Also, you use a Surface too?!? 😀
    9. At least the music video is more tolerable than most of their other ones. Since when do they make posters for music videos anyway? I never heard of such a thing.
    8. …I feared this would be on this list because I like that song. 🙁 However, I never heard the version with Beyonce.
    7. Sounds like a rehash of Radioactive to me.
    6. Why is Taylor Swift there. Too obvious.
    5. So, this is trap music… I figured this is how it would sound. This song’s title is stupid, too. Anyone else believe the tiger is annoyed from looking at its ears’ position?
    4. I hate how disgusting my home nation’s taste is.
    3. I dislike how poor the taste in music those audience women have.
    2. This is so bad in several ways that I find it hilarious. Taylor Swift has cemented herself as a joke now, right?
    1. Oh dear God, I remember hearing this somewhere a while back… what the blue living hell, Taylor Swift?
    M: I remember Logic’s song being SO popular on YouTube… And I didn’t know it was a reference to the suicide hotline. Pink’s song better not be too angsty because I typically HATE angst. And WTH, Hailee?

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