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Did M. Night actually make a good film, or is it good by “M. Night” standards? Find out Doug’s opinion on 2015’s The Visit.

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  1. “It’s been getting very high reviews, or at least high by M Night Standards”

    Sadly for you, people on the internet won’t be convinced by this no matter what the facts are. Why? Because they don’t want to believe something like this would get good reviews. I should know, I have come across this same problem over and over with video games (Bioshock Infinite, Titanfall, FF13, etc). Despite good reviews and good community ratings, people don’t want to believe that it did well for itself and it’s franchise so they are extremely vocal about their negativity.

    • Are you trying to say Titanfall was good? Cause that game was trash.

    • Yeah, screw Spoony, I liked FF13. And FF8 was great too. Dammit Spoony, if you’re only getting draws of 1’s and 2’s, it’s because you’re too weak to have that spell yet!

      • Actually… even FFXIII had mixed professional reviews, ranging from 5’s to 9’s.
        Spoony’s distaste for 13 might have been just him tapping into the same issue some of those other reviewers saw in the game.

        • Actually… even FFXIII had mixed professional reviews, ranging from 5’s to 9’s.
          Spoony’s distaste for 13 might have been just him tapping into the same issue some of those other reviewers saw in the game.

          In fact, from everything I’ve read about how they went about making FFXIII it kind of goes about writing entirely backwards. Rather than going Characterization -> Action -> Plot -> World Building, they went World Building -> Plot -> Action -> Characterization.
          For example, the script handed down said that one of the characters needed to attempt suicide to make the plot move forward, but it didn’t specify WHICH character it was, so in that case, we get certain characters flip flop in their characterizations as the plot demands it.

          And I mean… It probably does deserve an 8/10, it’s a beautifully constructed game and the actual gameplay is refreshing for Final Fantasy. Just that the plot itself kind of dropped the ball.

        • >Actually… even FFXIII had mixed professional reviews, ranging from 5’s to 9’s.

          Actually, the professional reviews of FF13 are in around the 8’s. If you look at all the reviews taken up on Metacritic, it stands at an 83%. 72 gave them good scores 7.5 or above, 9 gave it mixed scores between 7.4 to 6 and only one gave it a 4.

          • Like I said, range of values. The fact that I personally guessed an 8/10 and that’s what the metacritic score is (close enough) is just a fluke.
            (and honestly, metacritic is kind of bunk since it’s score weighs certain reviewers more others for no other reason than connections to metacritic, but that’s an argument for another day, and not really relevant to my point. They’re a good enough metadata collection group)
            The fact the metascore is only 83, when only 10 were below 7.5 tells me that the vast majority of those numbers were in the 8/10 range, which isn’t a fantastic game, but is a reasonable game.
            However, a reasonable game can still be flawed, and each individual is receptive to certain flaws at different levels. Some may respond more to graphics, others to plot, yet more to writing.
            My argument is this: it is not a bad game, simply a flawed one that people latch onto its flaws because they stick out relative to the entire game.
            And if you enjoy a flawed game, good for you, as Doug has said in the past, enjoyment isn’t always logical. You can see the flaws in something and still enjoy it, as long as you admit when flaws are present in the stuff you enjoy.

    • To be honest, I do not get all the hate towards Bioshock Inifinite. Then again, I played that game before playing the other 2, so that might have something to do with it. I still love it, and the original game regardless.

      • I only hate it because of the Disney princess wannabe you’re forced to accompany. God I hate her. Her eyes are bigger than anyone else’s and she so unaware of her surroundings. It’s not fair! They’ve got flying barbershop quartets singing Beach Boys songs! I want to like it!

  2. I think Cabin in the Woods is a movie that’s funny and scary at the same time.

  3. I work as an usher in a movie theater, so I’ve seen the ending of this movie at least a couple of times, and I just remember people roaring with laughter during the climax, they just completely lost their shit when she [SPOILERS (I guess?)] jumps up behind the girl and slams her head in the mirror.
    Also the “YAHTZEE” scene had me rolling. It’s obviously supposed to be a comedy.

  4. The Mysterious M

    Yeah I’m kinda with you on this Doug, and with the consensus. It’s good, but it’s still Shama– M. Night. It’s better than most of his stuff (Sans Sixth Sense and Unbreakable), but it’s not as good as his two best films.

    Also, you’re not alone. I read the comments on the trailer on youtube, and everyone thought the twist was gonna be that the grandparents are normal and kids weren’t.

  5. I hope you get a chance to also see Everest, The Martian, Black Mass, and eventually The Walk.

  6. Thought it was a good movie, one of the better movies of this genre. The awkward acting could be attributed to them doing this as a found footage film. The characters are acting in the same unnatural way that people in a documentary film would act. I like it that this movie doesn’t have some supernatural copout explanation at the end.

  7. Why isn’t there a Sibling Rivalry for Hotel Transylvania 2?

  8. I loved both the setups and payoffs in the film, and the rather logical pathos that the kids had, especially regarding their feelings of the divorce. I, too, was totally surprised by the twist. It felt natural. It all tied together very well.

  9. I’m not going to say most, just that it seems there is a vocal group that has lost the ability to recognize a film as good. Just good. They either have to denounce it because it is flawed, or celebrate it as genius and gloss over said flaws. There’s no in between anymore. No room for a mostly solid, enjoyable film.

  10. I liked this movie. It’s the first decent movie from M Night since The Village.

    Yes, I said The Village.

  11. I don’t think Doug used the term MacGuffin correctly. Shouldn’t that be red herring?

    • Yeah, red herring or misdirection; definitely not Maguffins/MacGuffins/McMuffins/whatever.

      Regarding the acting: I think the girl is one to watch out for. She reminded me of young Kirsten Dunst.

      I’m not quite sure which “last three minutes” you were talking about, Doug. I thought the final interview with the mother tied everything up well, and the mid-credits bit should have been cut.

  12. To be honest, I didn’t like this movie, but not for the reasons you may not think. I do like the kids and I did care for them. The grandparents are very freaky and did a little bit of a scary out of me, but lets be honest they were freaking hilarious. There are a few other things I do like about this movie, but it all comes down to one major problem that I cannot stand. And that is the fact that this movie is a…… found footage film. I am so sick and tired of these movies! The last one I enjoyed was Chronicle, but Paranormal Activity and lots of other films have just killed it now. I do agree that The Visit is M. Night’s least bad film. I would rather watch it over everything else (with the exception of the Fifth Sense and Unbreakable, as those are very good).

  13. Evil Dead 2 was actually pretty scary.

  14. Really? Well, that’s shocking, Doug.
    Honestly, I said some of your shyamalan phrases to my little sister when parts like the mirror scene and the refrigerator tackle scene happened.
    “Swing away!”
    “Ask me what it means, ask me what it means!”

    But yeah. Even though Angry Joe disagrees, I think this is the start of Shyamalan starting to dig himself out of the hole he has created.

  15. My issues mostly are with the advertising. The footage in the trailers is Pop Pop acting weird around the shed, Grandma chasing them under the porch, and Grandma scratching at the door naked. Right away we know the shed isn’t anything scary. Okay, lost some suspense there. The first day we see Grandma chasing the kids under the porch. Okay, wasn’t a legitimate threat, just weird. Then the first night we see Grandma running around naked. Creepy, but we saw it already. Then, the rest of the film is more of the same. Grandparents acting weird in short scenes we’ve seen from trailers, Grandma running around at night, and Mom telling the kids that “they’re just old.”

    The first hour of the film felt like a director’s cut of the trailer. More padding, but the moments were exactly the same and there wasn’t anything extra that added to the moment. Like the oven scene…we see it twice and both times nothing happens. It’s unsettling, but the movie seems like an hour of set ups with no payoff. The movie didn’t start really moving until the discovery. I would have much preferred the twist to occur 15 minutes earlier with the kids trying to figure a way to survive and escape in the last 30-45 minutes.

    It wasn’t a bad movie, but it did leave me bored through most of it as I had already seen these creepy moments before. Without adding to them or ratcheting it up after those scenes, I just stopped caring.

  16. I saw this movie as a dark comedy myself. I saw it with a friend and he thought it was creepy and got scared at points, but I never saw it as scary and wasn’t nervous as any point. Watching the movie was an amusing experience in the theatre too. Had a couple of *ahem* ghetto guys walk into the theatre about 20min into the film and sit down in front of us and their commentary had us cracking up. When the grandpa character shoved his dirty diaper in the kids face everybody in the theatre freaked, but not as much as the ghetto guys and I thought I was gonna fall out of my chair laughing.

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Givin that you really like the first one and that rotten tomatoes said that the sequel was a slight improvement then you’ll probably like hotel translyvania 2(even I myself liked it better then the first actually way better then the first but still has its flaws).

    I really wanna see the visit it looks like fun and i really wanna see what I’ll think of it if I think it will be stupid or I’ll love it like you and the other 60 percent of the world

  18. The twist was super weak. The only reason the grandparents were a threat was because the kids were kids and didn’t know any better.

  19. I’m glad you posted this. I was interested on knowing your opinion.

  20. I’m so surprised to see this get a good review! I saw it when it was in theaters, and honestly I don’t know what I was expecting (I hadn’t seen any advertising or reviews for it and was pretty much going in blind), but I left thinking that it was one of the worst movies I’d seen all year. The acting didn’t bother me too much (except for the obnoxious little boy), and I liked the “documentary” setup because it gave the characters a legitimate reason to be filming, but that’s really the only semi-positive feedback I can think of. The clumsy attempts at comedy (ESPECIALLY the boy rapping) made me groan every time, the twist was weak and unoriginal, the final scene with the mother felt tacked on and didn’t match the rest of the movie at all, and the whole movie just had this general vibe of unpleasantness that made it hard for me to sit through. I was shocked when I learned that the critics gave it good reviews.

  21. You want to laugh and be scared at the same time? Check out Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy. Great Robert de Niro performance.

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