The Walt Disney Family Museum – Some Jerk

Some Jerk With A Camera presents a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the Disney family’s most elaborate tribute to one of the 20th century’s greatest cultural icons, The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

An alternate edit of this was first uploaded to Blip on April 1, 2013.

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Crossover Princess

    It’s funny, I’ve lived in San Francisco most of my life (I briefly lived on the east coast as a toddler) and yet I have not been to that Museum… I don’t drive and it’s a bit of walk from the bus it kind of makes sense I haven’t gone…

    That and I’m a semi-shut in due my ungodly combination of disabilities… Stupid body… why you have to hate me!

  2. What…what…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!??!?! I think I’m loosing my lovely MIIND!!….

    Well at least we got to see Some Jerk Wtih a Camera walking with some funk in his step: always worth it 🙂

    Is there still a museum or has it, I dunno, been eaten by Denny’s or something?

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dam it Count Jackula I really wish you would shut up!! APRIL FOOLS!!! ANYWAYS cool April fools pranks and how bad is it that batteries are mine bucks,IDK?

  4. Damn dude, the Mr. Show reference at the end made it all worth it. This is why I love your show, you quote weird obscure shit I know all the time. I’m forever in your debt. (slow clap)

  5. Awww… it’s a prank. My husband and I keep meaning to go to that museum when we’re in town visiting my family, but we just don’t seem to make it there.

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