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A perfectly dull name for a perfectly dull anime.

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  1. Holy Shit for a moment I thought you were reviewing Berserk Sage.

    Don’t you ever scare me like that you handsome devil :p

  2. Sorry Gabe, you’re on your own

  3. “Proto-Guts here…”
    Berserk came first and existed before the animated adaptation. People don’t think Conan the Barbarian was created in 1992, right?

    • “Proto” can also mean primitive or less-refined/developed, both of which apply to this character.

      • No, that would mean every crappy bootleg is a proto-whatever. The word “primitive” may be in the definition, but only as a synonym for a predecessor.

        Context matters. It’s why even The Asylum won’t describe their films that way because the only thing they precede is a lawsuit.

  4. I still haven’t forgiven you for failing to review The Slayers series… I don’t care that its not abandoned by you, I care because it’s been abandoned by everyone else. Why haven’t you done a review on it? Is it because its’s a good show and thus doesn’t get you ratings? is your formula for reviews specifically focused on the bad anime’s these days because they get you more attention and more money? I know how daunting a task it would be to review the slayers due to how extensive the initial 3 seasons are, and if that’s just asking too much of you, i am sad, but will concede. despite you already admitting you love it. I just want to know why you didn’t have the balls to follow through. I love The Slayers as well (obviously). and if I could, if you request it of me, I would/will give you a review of my own in writing that you could quote verbatim as your own without worry of me asking for payment… I feel people need to know that there are good old anime’s too and The Slayers is one of the best. I loved your review of Ninja Scroll, yeah its a weird anime, but you also had the courage to admit it was good one and even praised it. Yet as far as praise worthy anime goes, you have done that for very little else on this channel. The Slayers and all of its seasons is/are an anime series that is dear to many from our era, but simply mentioning it to people these days isn’t enough… It deserves a good, honest, full review from a reputable anime lover with a sizable audience. I had hoped you would be that person, but alas, It seems you only review the worst of the old anime’s these days, and that saddens me. You are raising awareness for the worst, but not giving enough credit to the best, and anyone watching this channel might think that all anime from the past are bad (except for a few gems) in comparison to today’s anime: all because of how much you bitch and moan about them. Typically the ones you review are the worst examples because (i painfully admit) its fun to listen to you hate on them, and its fun for your fans to watch you suffer, but It saddens me being one of your fans that this is all you’re about anymore. Personally… I’m tired of listening to you bitch and whine about anime you are suffering through, and hearing you praise something is actually the biggest rarity and also much more enjoyable. Please be the better man, and review more than just the worst. Give us what we all deserve… honest reviews of the best AND worst of the old anime’s, and most importantly advise the newer generation that good stuff came from before their time, not just awful stuff. I would love to be the one to advise everyone to watch Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, Samurai X, and many more, but I am just a lone fan who doesn’t have anything other than mediocre writing skills. I have no power here! You on the other hand, have a world of fans… Please be good to them/us and provide them/us what we deserve… an old-school anime critic we can trust.

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